E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't Be Redikulas!!
May 24, 2001
Where are the Eagles fans on this board???????

I was really surprised I didn't see a thread about the game yet.

One hell of a game. I was ready to leave the room on the 4th and 26 play, I had no faith that they would make it. I kept thinking back to what they've done all year when we needed a first down. I thought they would either dump it off and get 10 or so yards or throw a 25 yard pass and not get it. Boy did they surprise me. First Down Freddy saved the day.

I just wish the Eagles would get some credit for once. All week I've been hearing how they are gonna choke, they suck, McNabb stinks. I can't believe how people can live in this area and not cheer for the Eagles. This is the 3rd year in a row, let me say that again for all you haters, 3RD YEAR IN A ROW, that we are in the NFC Championship game. We have the best playoff record in the league, our combined record in the last 3 years is the best in the NFL, something like 53-14, not quite sure. Wheres Tampa Bay, wheres the Raiders, Ravens, Rams, and so on. Teams that were there in the past but fell off the very next year. We are consistant and we will remain that way for years to come. We should have won the SuperBowl last year, Tampa was a fluke and we would have crushed Oakland. The Dynasty has begun.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO EAGLES, BEAT CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!
Gotta love the Eagles[my team,BTW].
If McNabb would quit pumping his shoulders up and down,he wouldn't be so easy to read on the pass.
Gotta hand it to Favre though,I half expected him to go all the way to the SB.
If it wasn't for that dumb pass...........:)
The Eagles BLOW!!!!!! They got lucky! I'm not a Colts fan either but you have to respect them. Super Bowl Colts-35 Panthers-17:rolleyes:
Your not a Colts fan but you respect them. What the !!!!. Why not give the Eagles the same respect. What do they have to do to get the Eagle haters respect. Even after they win a SupeBowl they still won't get the respect, I don't get it.

This team has busted it's @ss this year. Playing through a ton of injuries, three of their pro bowl defensive players have been out almost all season, Dawkins, Taylor and Vincent. They still over came that with 3 youngsters taking those spots and playing over their heads. The Bull$h!t controversy that seems to always follow McNabb around, he played through it ignoring it. He played half the season with a broken thumb, a re-injured ankle, still playing better then half the QB's in the league. This team has character and heart. As do the fans of Philly, unlike other cities. We boo when our team plays bad, other fans don't understand this. Well, we don't sit on our hands when our teams doing bad and then show up when their winning. We are there through it all, booing our butts off because we want the team to hear us and play better like we know they can. Philly=Heart=Winners.
From watching the game, I'd say McNab better think of running even more than he did against Green Bay to keep winning. I think this is the only way they can win. ;)
The Eagles went to hell ever since I saw boot wearing field goal making trash man show starring Tony Danza. That stinkfest has forever cursed the Eagles just wait.

Go Colts! Find a D and win the Superbowl!
I hate the Eagles. Just because I live in Philly don't have to automatically mean I have to love em. BOOO EAGLES~!!
They will Choke like the last 2 years and Ill celebrate!:):)
Boy did GB blow that game,
1st- 4th&1 on the 1 and his own teamate trips Green to stop him at the goal line for what would have been an easy TD.

2nd- 4th&1 to end the game and they didn't go for it?? this after the Eagles couldn't stop the run all game :confused: then kick it into the endzone for a net 20yds!

3rd- 4th and 24 and they cover everybody that's 30+yds downfield and forget about the guy standing alone 23yds downfield:confused:

4th- Farve decides to just chuck it in the air on first down:confused: into double coverage:confused: THROW IT OUT OF BOUNDS! IDIOT!

Eagles were handed that game, GB was clearly the better team.
McNabb is the only thing on that offense that's worth anything, imagine if they would get a stud receiver like Owens to open up the offense...
OK, I''ll be honest. I'm a Green Bay fan for almost 40 years. Also, I don't disklike Philly - I would root for them in most games.

IMHO, I have rarely seen a charmed team like Philly this year. I can't count how many games they were outplayed and yet won on luck, breaks, one good play, one goof by the other team etc.
I know that sounds like sour grapes, but they REALLY are not as good as their record. McNab played better on 2 drives than he has all year long. He really has had a poor year and yet he's in the NFC title game - proving again it's a team game. I will give credit to people like Deuce Staley. He's a player, always has been. When he took a pass on 3rd and long with 2 GB defenders in front of him, I knew he'd make the first down. That's the kind of competitor he is and that's the difference between losing and winning.

But, the only thing that counts in the end is the numbers on the scoreboard. As Vince Lombardi said, winning is the only thing and that's why they are pro's. Who cares about who came in second or played a great game in defeat. That's for writers and philsophers.

I will say IMHO, GB gave this game away. I have to fault the coaches, not the players. The play calling stunk - I think GB could have run all day and really wore out the Philly defense. They were too predictable. The 4th and goal and no score is just the way it goes - again, a charmed life for Philly. They slant in and the play was off tackle - the wrong defensive move and a sure touchdown but Green trips over his own man and comes up short. But hey, that's football.

What's not acceptable is 4th and a foot for a first on the Philly 40 with 2:39 left in the game. Mke the first down and win or don't make it and rely on your defense. Especially after Sherman tells reporters all week that they are going to go for the win, take destiny in their own hand, etc. etc. when the opportunity is there rather than sit back and try not to loose - which is exactly what they did.

What's totally unacceptable is 4th and 26 and giving up the first down. Apparently the Packers defense (the secondary) is irate with the defensive coaches who called a quarter zone defense on that play which was inconsistent with the rest of the game and the gameplan. The players all disagreed and it cost them the game. I read most of the players got on the bus without talking to the media, which is unusual for GB.

It's a shame they concentrated on the last Favre pass, but that's what uneducated sports people and loser sports writers look at. They ignore the fact it's a team game and it should have never come to that.

What amazes me is that even though the game is more wide open and faster than it was years ago, it's still a game of inches. If Favre falls 1 foot further on 3rd down, it's first down at the Philly 40 with 2:change left and good chance the game is over.

I think Favre said it best last week after the Seattle game: "when you have been in the league as long as I have and seen as many games as I have, you know there are games you should have won but lost and won when you should have lost. "

All in all, it was a great weekend for the NFL. These were much better games than some of the schlock and pastings and boring games in the past few years. However, I think the Carolina/Philly game could be the most boring NFC game in years.

OK, I'm cleansed. After watching those moronic Red Sox give it away this year, the Packer loss just opened an unhealed wound.
I have one word for everyone here...


kinda funny...you would think since I live in Indiana that the Colts were my favorite team...NOT SO!

:D :D :D
Yeah, but the Colts are defectors.... snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night! Isn't that like being a fan of Benedict Arnold?
That's big business for ya....

The Pats are another no-name team, do it with mirrors. Although Bill B. is a great football mind. Again, a game of inches. That Adam V. field goal wasn't a work or art - but it put 3 points on the board and that's all that counts.

Better pray for bad weather because Peyton is HOT HOT HOT!
Well, I'm OK with Philly, but what's this "heart" sh!t? I mean, why is it that every rustbelt town where it blows to live has "heart"? Come on. I suppose you're an All American City too?

Philly won because, as someone already pointed out, Sherman didn't have the sack to run for one stinking yard at the end of regulation, setting his team up for failure. For that, he should be fired. Philly fans - take no comfort in Green Bay's failures - it was a gift.

So far as the Patriots go, they would win if the Super Bowl were played in New England, which has become the foremost Officiating House of Horrors in the entire NFL (example, Tennessee gets to the NE 33, only to have 2 penalties and 2 reviews called). If the Colts don't beat the "Tuckers" next week, which they ought to, I will take great joy in New England losing the Super Bowl.

Philly fans are sub-human. I am a Redskin season ticket holder and I have NEVER met a Philly fan that I liked in 15 years. They are mean to old ladys, little kids and every one around them.

> They are mean to old ladys, little kids and every one around them

That's why they are the city of BROTHERLY love. They never said they loved the other people! :)
Originally posted by strikeeagle

So far as the Patriots go, they would win if the Super Bowl were played in New England, which has become the foremost Officiating House of Horrors in the entire NFL (example, Tennessee gets to the NE 33, only to have 2 penalties and 2 reviews called). If the Colts don't beat the "Tuckers" next week, which they ought to, I will take great joy in New England losing the Super Bowl.


sounds to me like your team has lost to NE many many times before:)

anybody remember the 2001 season? the Pats are doing the SAME EXACT THING as that season this year...NOBODY giving them a second look...even with a 13 game winning streak and the best record in the NFL...they are gonna surprise everyone again this year...only this time we won't say we told you so:eek:
I actually taped the "Snow Bowl" with the Pats and Raiders...got to be the greatest game I have ever seen...the Super Bowl was just about as good too:)
Die-hard EAGLES fan here. Great game....I admit Green Bay should have won but lost due to HORRIBLE coaching, numerous times. The Eagles somehow pulled it together and pulled out a win again. Its just been one of them seasons. Carolina will be a challenge but we beat them once towards the end of the season(Green Bay too) and we WILL do it again. However, when the Eagles goto the big game they will need every break they can get to beat either colts or pats. Both of them teams i think are much better than both NFC teams. I would rather play the PATS and I do think they will beat the Colts. The birds are sooo banged up, and they have been all season, if they were healthy and they had a pro bowl wide reciever they would be the best team in the NFL without a doubt, but working with what they got now they are doing INCREDIBLE things, can't deny that.

4th and 26......yeh right:eek:
Patriots are gonna kill the Colts Sunday. The only team in football thats not carried by one, two, three players. They win games as a team and i think we'll be seeing them on Feb. 1 in Houston