E85 and FAST

Check out our "Fuel Sensor for XFI" sticky. We are having a discussion with FAST concerning GM fuel sensor and it's interface with XFI. Check it out!
I have ordered 120# injectors and a 40 micron SS filter element for my post filter. Will order a GM sensor as soon as I figure out what AN fitings are needed to connect to it. I will place it in my -8 return line using a branch with two "Y's" and -6 or -8 line. I like the layout shown in the earlier photo of the Mustang with sensor in the return line. The main return flow will not, of course, go through the sensor. I think I have the wiring of the sensor into XFI fairly clear in my mind.
Time to take the leap!
conrad, i can tell you the correct part #'s for the xfi fittings. i would like to know if others will work but the setup i know works