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hey guy's and ladies,

I have an 87 GN 82,698 orignal with all codes except t-tops. My upgrade list is as goes, TA 49 Garrett Turbo, Adj waste gate, Kirban hp fuel pump, Ajustible Billet fp and rail gage (43LBS), 009 inj, red armstrong 93 chip (17LBS boost) Hot wire kit, hp coil and wires, dutwieller 2 1/2" neck, terry houston 3" down with dump, No CAT and or Mufflers, K&N cold down to the bumper, art carr trans cooler, art carr high tech valve body kit, all under hood sensers replaced, Dash all rewired by Buick dealership, Rear main seal replaced, lower rear control arms, snuber air bag on passenger side, scannmaster 2.1, water, oil, turbo gages, oh and rt 43 autolite plugs, 160 deg therm, Valve gaskets replaced, drag radials, and still can't beat a PINTO? I think the DH I bought it from swapped the trans and dash and who knows what else. He supposedly has Terry Houstons original 87 gn with 27,000 original miles. Anyway, he mentioned that when going down the street at 30 or 40 mph, not to down or floor it as it will break the stall converter? But I am going to the kirban bash and Pete in the tech depart said he will personally look at it for me. I thinking Torque Converter bad. Any opinions! Thanks to the good lord for this board!
First of all, welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your issues. Pete and the guys at Kirbans should be able to diagnose what exactly is going on. It is best not to really flog the car until you get used to using the Scanmaster for tuning purposes. The very first screen that comes on after start up and initializing, is the O2 Millivolts and Degrees of knock retard screen. This is the screen that you want to watch while making some test runs with the car. You need to verify that your boost is set low enough or at an agreeable level with the octane fuel that you have. On 93 octane, a properly tuned and running 86-87 Turbo Buick should be capable of running 15-16psi, depending on weather and condition of the car before you see any really detonation issues. I always try to keep detonation below 3 degrees under WOT and the O2#s in the .770 - .790 range for 93 octane. If while testing you see knock retard go over 7 degrees, immediately get out of the gas. Have you checked out the Spring Cleaning article and all of the other tech articles on Turbo Regal Web Site ?

Tons of useful info there, as well as here. Anytime you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask it here. I would recommend using the Search feature, as there are tons of useful posts regarding pretty much every type of issue and or problems associated with these cars. I've been into these cars myself for 20+ years and still don't know everything. I'm always learning new stuff, but I can tell you, the heartache and rough times that you go through in the beginning are well worth the payback when you get the car running perfectly. One thing I would recommend with your combo, would be to try one of Eric Marshals Turbo Tweak chips to go with those 009 42.5# injectors. As his chips are fully adjustable vs the one you have now has no adjustable features what so ever. Your current setup can only be tuned with fuel pressure and boost levels. You will be amazed at the difference a fully adjustable chip will make with your combo.
Again, welcome aboard and let us know what you find out when you go visit Kirbans.