Easy mega squirt

I really don;t know what to say here, yes it works, but can the average buick guy set one up with out difficulty?
I am selling my 60 inj and buying some 80's since matts tune is for 80's,he is sending the files and i will let you know how it work,,,cant beat $200 for the MS1 and harness,looks to be a simple process....
It is pretty easy to set up a MS3x setup on a buick. The thing about a MS1 is that yes it is cheap and works but you loose many of the great things the new megasquirt setups. With a ms1 you are limited to batch fire and the stock DIS setup as well as having very limited I/O setups. Also keep in mind you will have at least $100 in an adaptor harness if you dont want to cut the end of your stock harness. I have two threads out there about installing a ms setup. What I will say though is i would put my MS3x setup up against any aftermarket ECU.

Can you tell us the data logging capabilities of the MS3?
what are you looking to know? As far as ways to data log it can be done through Bluetooth, USB or serial to your laptop. It can also log GPS and Accelerometer information in your log file with the ms3 data if you are data logging on your smart phone or bluetooth tablet. Now you can also tune through your phone or tablet as well.

I forgot to mention MS3 also has a SD port for data logging that can be triggered by an event or manually.

Sorry i should have said this is gonna be running in my 86 regal that will have a 5.3 single turbo setup..
How many parameters can be looged and at what frame rate and for how long?
all the parameters that you can view from the ms3 are recorded how ever many that is. Over the bluetooth connection from my ms3 I usually see a min of 15 f/s and have seen up around 25. It will record for as long as you have space on what your saving it to, i have several logs a couple hours long.

Can you please add up the total of logged parameters I dont have the MS3 software to look at.

The best way I thought to count the channels that are logged is to check the SD card data logging setup I use on my Turbo/MAF Megasquirt sled. I counted the channel selection and it was something like 75 Channels so I am assuming that is how many it logs when I have my laptop hooked up.

Wow Daniel That is amazing..... How much is a complete kit and does it have decel fuel cut off based on mph/tps or some other method of adjustment.
I think I had around $600 in my initial setup, that was the MS3/x setup and the adapter to go to the stock harness to make it plug and play. I have since built a custom harness to do a wire tuck and get rid of all the extra useless junk in the harness as well as add wiring for a flex fuel sensor and Ford PWM IAC and ECM alcohol injection control. I have attached the setup window for over run fuel cut off below, I think it will answer your question it uses RPM/MAP/TPS/CLT.


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Here is the setup screen for the alcohol injection, it has been working flawlessly lately and is very smooth and easy to dial in.



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Here is my finished megasquirt 1350747131693.jpg1350747365455.jpg


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