Ebay SCAM Hits the TR Community


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Nov 19, 2002
Ok, Since I bid on the TA Block Anderson Performance has listed I get this email from some jack ass..:
Message 1

I contact you becuse the winner of: Buick Grand National Aluminum Block T/A (Item # 2460830576) has a problem with the money and don`t want to the item.

If you are interested to buy please tell me i will make you a discount of15%.The shipping and charges will be supported by me and there aren't any other hidden taxes.I hope that you are still willing to buy it and to close a deal with me. i would be more then happy if you would agree on this.

Thank you for your time,
My response: (playing along)

Ok what is the price? And how do I get you the money?

His response:
I am glad that you are satisfied with my Buick Grand National Aluminum Block.

You will have to send me your adress so I can calculate the shipping taxes and post the package by UPS.I would prefer the payment via WesternUnion-it`s a fast and safe mode of sending money-on my name and adress:

Christian Lumar
30 Buxton Road
London E151QU

Reply ASAP!!


My Response: Still playing
Are you saying the block is in the UK?
Then why does the auction say Baltimore MD?
Because that`s my adress.What is so hard to understand?Now I am in the UK.
Mine: Had enough

1. your name does not jive with Money order info,
2. You are originating your mail from Asia via a system in Southern Cali
3. I know the block in question and the person selling it, and it would not be you.
4. I am a law enforcement officer and you are a stupid criminal trying to commit fraud.
5. The FBI, Interpol are intercepting and tracing your location .
6. Because you cannot speak nor write engRISH you P.O.S.
So I reported all of this to yahoo ebay and everyone else I can think of but will only slow this jackass down.
If you talk to him again, tell him you know of someone that's only an hours flight away and would like to meet him to call his BS.

That street checks out in London alright, but obviously anybody can give a fake address.
I d bet he has no idea what it actually is.....

have someone else email him with ?'s

like if the torrington bearing is still pressed in? If the liners are dartons? just make up some more ?

thats funny and sad.....
Hey aperrego:
It is really my block and I'm sorry for the trouble so you can have it for only $100, my name is Cash, just meet me on the corner with the check and I'll drop ship the block from the shop in Baltimore - really, I promise!

Oh $hit, that is not my name on the bottom of the post - ahhhh, I must have accidentally logged on to another's screen name, yeah that's it! :p
:eek: :mad: :(

The people that fall for that type of crap are almost as pathetic as the thiefs. I don't know what The Man can or will do with that maggot, but keep us posted.

What does BA have to say about it?
THAT WAS MY COUSIN DUDE!! He's is totally PO'd now because of all the crap he has been getting and now can't sell it..:mad:

I have not posted on this board recently due to , well you can figure it out......
I will probably have to end the auction as this A$$hole will have scared legitimate bidders away, if someone really wants it, call or email me. I am going to edit the auction to reveal this retard.
I think being an internet cop would be kewl!! I would love to bust that guys butt who is soliciting your bidders.. You know that there are THOUSANDS of people pulling this crap and I would LOVE to get every one of them..:mad:

Originally posted by KEVINS
I think being an internet cop would be kewl!! I would love to bust that guys butt who is soliciting your bidders.. You know that there are THOUSANDS of people pulling this crap and I would LOVE to get every one of them..:mad:


I think most of Bill's bidders probably have an good idea what's really going on with that "retard".
I got his email too, what a moron.
I was listening to a show about these losers that perpetrate these scams on ebay. You'd be amazed how many people fall for it. The guy on there they were interviewing said he could clear 20 grand a month and he wasn't even that good at it and had friends that were making more than him. His scam was identical to what you just posted. I guess these suckers are a pretty big problem and real hard to catch. I hope they get the guy. :D :D
$20 grand per month sounds great but in a couple of months those asses will have to leave town and change identities - what kind of pathetic lonely life could they have? Always wondering if the knock on the door is The Man or the UPS guy delivering something they bought with their stolen dollars.

A few months later they will be costing us all $20G's/mo - About what it costs to keep a criminal locked up!
I know it wasn't me but there was a strong thought, now I got to go and glue my piggy bank back together. ;)