Emblem Question. Paint underneath


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20160322_123124.jpg 20160322_123057.jpg 20160322_123146.jpg 20160322_123138.jpg Had my National for about 8 years now. The original owner repainted the car. The guy I bought it from didn't know what year that was painted . I know they are applied with double sided tape. That's not what I'm worried about .What bothers me is that the paint under the emblem isn't as faded as the paint that's not under the emblem. As you can plainly see the emblems are too far back.......... I want to move them.
Opinions would be helpful.
Thanks guys

Heat the emblems up a little with a heat gun and take some fishing line and pull the emblems off. Just got to clean any adhesive off from the paint.

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Thanks Tricks, I'm going to remove them later on today. I'm going to try dental floss before I try the fishing line. An old body man told me about it. Anyway a have a ton of floss. I'll take some after pictures. Thanks
I took my time and used some products. I heated up the emblems with a hair drier and used some dental floss.
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