Encounter With Ferarri



As i was taking a nice little stroll on the way to pick my daughter up from dance class. I had stumbled accross a Ferrari 355 Spider or at least thats what i could read on the back. Unfortunately i didnt catch him at the light. And we went at it from a roll. He Flew by me by about 3 cars. And we were approaching 120 MPH, I realized i had no chance and let off and let him get away this time. hopefully ill snag him at the light if i ever see him again.
(this was in a 12.4 daily driven car)
Wow, that's a beautiful car. If you can take him I'll be impressed. Although with a 1/4 mile time like that you just might be able to. At top end he'd probably have you beat though. Good luck.
if you got him at a light you could beat him, ferraris loves to rev and they can go 200mph

Sorry dude but Ferraris dont go 200 especially a F355 spider. And if 7,000 rpm is youre idea of revving your messed up. The f355 will do 167 mph and starts redline at 5500 and ends at 7000 , that is the same as my buddy's stock 99 camaro z28. If your GN won't hang with a F355 it needs more stuff. I took a F355 with my 93 Camaro Z28 . . . it has a few bolt ons and a 100 shot of NOS. It took the F355 on top end at 172 mph. The only Ferrari's worth a crap are the Modena and F50(not street legal in US)
Not so sure about all that

I study Ferrari's as I love them, they're my cars. The F355 tops out at 183 mph http://www.ferrarina.com/Automobili/Models/F355/Specs.asp and bear in mind that Ferrari heavily underspecs their cars (i.e. the 360 Modena has a factory spec'd 0-60 of 4.5 but several car magazines have said they'll run 3.9's all day long, and if you look at the aerodynamics of the car and the power/weight ratio and the fact that it's incredibly hard to break the tires loose on that car, that's very believable). If you'll also note on that same page the max power comes in at 8250 rpm. Why would the redline come before the peak of the powerband? Also, that z28 must've either had some heavy bolt-ons, that Ferrari was a sick car, or he wasn't trying you. Even if it was the case that you took the car legit, 100 shot of NOS is alot of power.

I'd also like to note that the F50's are perfectly legal in the states. They sold them here, in fact the cars were sold by allotment, the US getting 55 (out of 349 made) where the car is legal for sale in all 50 states. Italy getting the 2nd most, Germany the 3rd, Asia the forth largest allotment, and the "rest of the world" the remaining cars. It is true that the cars were available through lease only, but that was to prevent entrepreneurs from buying the car only to immediately sell it. At the end of the lease, of course, the car was up for sale.

In closing...Ferrari was a sick company for a few years I'm sad to admit, but by no means did they make sickly cars. The 288 gto has a 2.8L twin-turbo V8 and pumps out 400 bhp. That's in 1984, it runs 0 - 60 in 4 seconds and tops out at 190 mph http://www.motorbase.com/vehicle/vid/1304365310.html. The Testarossa (esp. the late models) would beat any other stock car on the road with ease. They are well designed and engineered cars (for example, to keep the torque from twisting the car and therefore not all of it getting to the ground, the engine isn't set level in the chassis, the left side of the engine sits a few degrees lower than the right so that when the torque kicks the engine up, it will be level with the ground).

p.s. Anymore ?s let me know :D
Also, if you want Ferrari's main North American page www.ferrarina.com
Wow Cryptic, I think you need a job.:eek: Until then, continue your ferrari research... it allows for never a quiet moment. :)
Shut up you, or next time I'm riding in your car there never will be a quiet moment!! And besides, I'm going to get a job at Sam, otherwise how will I have enough money to buy a certain beautiful TTA? Heh, at least you know who to come to for Ferrari facts, I'm just a quick phone call away. And besides, you should know better, I'll never quit my Ferrari research, I'm an addict!! ("We must look odd arguing over Distilled Water and then buying 9 gallons of it...well, we're addicted "):D
I meant that in the best way possible. When there's nothing else left to talk about, you still have some odd thought inspiring fact from somewhere... keeps the old gears turnin;)
Sure...you're just using me so that you don't get bored!! No, I know that's what you meant. Thanks man.
Ferraris never seem to want to race. I was runnin 116 race gas in my Turbo T and 275 drag radials and this 360 Modena wouldn't go for it. I spooled up to 6psi at a light and launched on him anyway. I bet it scared him....

There was a 355 F1 behind me on the interstate one day and I just dropped 3rd in my Z06, left a couple a scratches on the pavement and left the ferrari behind- he couldn't catch me. After a while I let him catch up to me but he wouldn't race. He must have been beaten badly by one of the modified Z06's around here cuz he wanted nuthin of my Z... It would have been so much more fun in a Buick!!!
I don't know why they don't want to race. Perhaps it's because they spend so much on the cars, or perhaps it's because they know there are some heavily modified street machines out there and they don't want people bragging they beat a Ferrari.

Personally, I wouldn't be able to resist. Those cars are built with one purpose in mind: to race. Enzo Ferrari started building "street" cars to fund his racing, and the trend has stuck around. It seems a waste of such a marvelous piece of engeniering not to race it. But to each his own I suppose.
Our cars are killer at the light!!!!But be careful on the top end stuff.............Got killed by a Ls1 and Bmw M3 from about 120 mph roll...They are built for it, and ours can be but you need something to overcome the overdrive which would be the equivalent to there 4th gear....(not the same ratio but you know what I mean...).........
"IF we only we had a fifth gear...ho hum...." :eek:Imagine 6 gears???
That lil 6 wouldn't be so little then.......but at least those top end blasts aren't that common....So at least be happy with our reputation at the light...:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
i thought i remebered reading that they were 200mph cars, maybe the 550 marenelo? i dont know
Don't race the big BMW's (M5s) or the MB (AMG E55) and others
from a roll. The fast the roll the worse it is.

Got get them from a died stop.