Engine assembly questions


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Aug 14, 2001
What's the best way to mockup the heads on the block without destroying new head gaskets? I have GN1 "cracker" heads with 1007 locwire gaskets. I want to install the heads at the same height they will be at in the final assembly so I can place the intake on the engine and measure it for proper milling.

I don't have any old gaskets to use. Can I just use a couple steel shim gaskets lightly torqued to get close? Or should I use shim stock to make the heads sit exactly where they will when finally installed with the 1007's? Or do you just mount the heads for the final assembly so they don't have to be removed again, then measure and mill the intake?

Anyone run without the locating pins in the deck? My deck has them. But I've read that sometimes they cause 1007's to not seat properly in the o-ring grooves.

I've never had much luck sealing head studs to the block. Is it totally out of the question to use teflon tape on the stud and torque the stud in with moderate force (say 25 lb/ft)? I know that will seal for sure, just not sure if it may cause a problem of another sort down the road. There must be some reason no one uses tape, but I don't know why it wouldn't work.

I use two long machinists feeler guages between the block and head.Felpro catalog shows the 1007 compressed thickness to be .039. A .040 would be just dandy :)
Are you selling those aluminum heads you have pictured?
E-mail me if you are ;)

Those heads aren't mine, but they are for sale. I don't if the guy selling them has come up with a price yet. He was asking me what I thought they were worth, but I really have no idea.

I *found* some aluminum signs ( :eek: ) that just happened to be .040" thick - they were the ticket.