Engine builder... Midwest


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I live in Kansas City and looking for someone to build my next motor. Nothing outrageous... just a good sold roller cam build.

I did a search for engine builders but all the searches seem a bit outdated.

I am willing to drive but trying to get someone close to KC as possible.

Any feedback is appreciated.

May seem like common sense but choose a builder with a good reputation with our motors and is a straight shooter, even if you have to travel further than you'd like. Finding the closest builder has many advantages for sure, but close will mean less if you're not happy with the final product.

Hopefully you can find someone close. If I lived in Chiefs Nation and depending on what you need done, Brian Lorenz (Lorenz Racing & Performance) in Ohio would be at or near the top of my very short list. But I'm sure there are others who will do you right. Good luck.