Engine Oil Retention Device

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Jul 29, 2001
I started fabricating an engine oil retention device. I made it as a 2 piece to make access to the bottom pan easier.


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The flange where the two pieces bolt together will have a gasket between them.


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What the heck is the pan from Donnie. Never seen one of those before.

If you're talking about the drysump oil pan, it's from Armstrong Racing Engine Systems (ARE). They specialize in drysump systems for a wide variety of engines.
It's often discouraging to see your car Donnie. It's so well done, so much attention to detail, that I think mine looks like a turd.
It's often discouraging to see your car Donnie. It's so well done, so much attention to detail, that I think mine looks like a turd.
Don't feel bad. There's an extraordinary amount of time and effort that goes into doing it my way. You'd have to be as nuts as I am.
Inspired by Don I made my own Engine Oil Retention device.


It's ready for testing Saturday night.


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Holy $hit Donnie, I think you own the "fab" section! Great work. Do you have a real job, or is your job to just build your car? :tongue:. Looks good, does this take the place of a engine diaper?
This is only for classes that allow an optional non-SFI approved oil retention device. It is not meant to be used as an SFI approved type engine diaper that is ballistic capable.

The bottom of the oil retention device is padded with a doubled up oil absorbant pad.

From what I've heard, some tracks, if not all are going to demand that if your car is capable of 9.90 and quicker in the 1/4, you must have an oil retention device, regardless of whether it is optional according to the rulebook or not. It will be up to the individual track tech inspectors as to whether the device is worthy or not. The idea is to keep oil downs to a minimum so the show can go on. It's a good idea for drag racing. No one likes sitting in the pits, or spectator stands waiting for an hour or longer while the guys clean up an oil down.
I contacted, by phone, a very well known company that claims they can make a diaper for anything. I sent them pictures and some drawings of what I thought would work, and I'm still waiting for them to call with a quote. I guess it was too hard for them.

Sometimes (with me, it's about all the time) you have to take the bull by the horns and "get 'er done". :cool:

I hate it when you contact a company, eager to spend good money with them, give them all the credit they deserve for putting out a good product, and they don't even bother to give you a phone call to explain they don't want to, or can't help you. I guess the economy is still good for some.

I think I'm better off with the system I came up with anyway, so it was for the better I guess.
Holy $hit Donnie, I think you own the "fab" section!

I'm just trying to inspire others to do some creating of their own. All it takes is some effort to learn the different skill sets involved. For the right person, it's very rewarding.