Engine Rebuild Question


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Sep 26, 2002
I saw this car on E-Bay and somewhat interested.


In the description is the following:

I rebuilt the engine due to a spun bearing from old oil when I bought it. And somewhere through the 2 people that went through it I was screwed out of a turbo trans am crank and the actual turbo block. It now has a N/A block and crank, which I have read hold up fine into the low 10’s. The cylinders were bored 30 over, and TRW forged pistons were installed.

I was wondering what the difference between the turbo and n/a blocks and cranks are? Also, with the n/a block being bored .30, and the n/a crank, are there possible concerns for reliability long term?
No expert but ill try to help.

As long as the block is a "109" block, thats not an issue, they are essentially the same in strength and build but I have heard the argument that a normally aspirated seasoned 109 block is better than a seasoned turbo 109 block because it does not make the higher torque numbers that the turbo 109s make (Less stress on the block). The crank would have me worried, non turbo cranks are not as strong. I would pass on that car myself unless of course u were able to grab it at real good price. Like under $1,500.00. Then beat on it till blows and rebuild it right.