External gate and 02 ?'s


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Jun 7, 2007
Got a set of stainless headers last week or so,notice after installed them today and bolted turbo on etc.There is no o2 bung in header right before turbo,when i purchased them never thought of looking for this.Now my question is can i weld a bung in the down pipe seeing as i already have to weld a bung in down pipe for my lc-1 or do I have to take header back off and weld bung there?

Next question is now i have a external gate,and only have one place for vaccum off the turbo.My old 61 turbonetics had two the 6765 have now has one.So do i need to pull vaccum off ,vaccum block then into controler then to gate,then to turbo? how does it work thanks in advance guys. I guess I need a vacum routing for this in simple terms..
The stock O2 needs to be in the header or it will be to cold to operate correctly.
run a heated O2 ,

dual port gate only needs one hose from turbo and
has been covered many times , a search would have got you the answer quickly
I tried searching and ,maybe i didn't use correct terms or words when searching,thanks tho.Heated o2 why do i need to run this i have a lc-1 and tt chip 6.0 with wideband correction,so where is heated o2 going to help this....
you asked if you could put the o2 bung into the dp along with putting a bung in the Dp for your lc1

, the problem with putting the o2 into the DP as Colin posted is lack of heat , at idle it is not hot enough to get the o2 to 600F operating temp which it needs to be activate, install a heated o2 and no problem putting the o2 sensor in the downpipe

the lc1 should be as far from turbo as possible , down under the car in the downpipe is best location

with the 6.0 you need a wideband , the lc-1 has two outputs so you really don't need the o2 . you do need an o2 signal for the 6.0 chip to work , install the lc1 and run the WB output of the lc-1 to the powerlogger input for wideband and run the lc-1's simulated O2 narrow band output into the o2 input of the ecm ,

ive been running the TT 6.0 alky chips in my cars for a few years now with directscan (early beta test chip) with lc1 mounted at bend in DP under car and i do still run an O2 (std denso) connected to the ecm , I have my o2 in the DP and i can tell you it is too cool at idle to work but because of the TT open loop idle hasn't really caused any issues , and the o2 sensor operates better there at wot high boost then pre turbo
I already have the lc-1 running to the logger i/o board and ran it there with old turbo stuff,WITH THE TT 6.0 CHIP,logger wbo2 everything else in sig.. I changed to the 6765 this last week and headers with external at same time.I already ordered another chip tt 6.0 for new setup.So if what i am reading is correct mount wbo2 in down pipe at least 18 inches from bend per innovate instructions.

I did read my innovate directions and it says

the YELLOW (Analog out 1) and/or BROWN (Analog out 2) can be connected
to the analog inputs of other devices such as data loggers, ECUs, or gauges. If either one or
both of these wires are not being used isolate and tape the wire(s) out of the way. The default
analog outputs are as follows: Analog output one is 1.1V = 14 AFR and .1V = 15 AFR. This is
a simulated narrowband signal. Analog output two is setup as 0V = 7.35 AFR and 5V = 22.39
AFR. Note: The LC-1’s heater ground and system ground wires should share the same
grounding location of the analog input’s ground. Refer to chapter 2.2 for recommended
wiring schematics

so wire schematics chapter 2.2

The yellow wire #1 goes to a gauge then ground

The brown wire #2 goes to the ecu or logger then ground.

So i should wire the brown or yellow to logger board or what? i am confused here sorry wiring pisses me off...:mad: