Factory limited slip parts (side gears)


May 24, 2001
Looking for one or both side gears for a factory 8.5" G80 limited slip unit.

I have one side gear with damage to the internal splines where it splines to the axle shaft.

The side gears in a non-posi won't have the splines for the clutch pack. Someody has to have an old stock posi that is worn out that I can scavenge a side gear out of.

Thanks Lee

Dave, I have these out of my fact. posi. No signs of wear, EXCELLENT cond. with the spider gears they were run with. How's $40. shipped/insured for all sound? Thanks!
Congrats on 9.94 !!

Haven't forgotten that I owe you a turbo shield mtg brkt. Do you have any '86 speedos in spare parts ? need to replace the faceplate with 145 decal on it . Any leads on storage places ? Thanks. Gary L.