Fast Interference to/from other electronics?


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I am sorting out the electronis and wiring in my car and am wondering weather I am just asking for problems if I mount my ECU, Data Logger and Coil as shown below:

The panel will be slightly larger, with the Logger and Coil having more clearance, but I'm primarily concerned about interference between the coil and the ECU (Either way).

Thoughts anyone?


I can't say if the hardware will interfere like that, but I can say that I used to have my coil (coil-in-cap HEI) too near my distributor pickup, and I had problems with the ECM getting interference from the coil.

It thought I was doing 11,000 RPM during cranking (thanks to the MSD).

I went to an external coil to move the coil away from the pickup wires, and the problem went away.

It's a neat little setup you got there, and you will probably be okay as long as you keep the coil lead(s) away from other wires.

-Bob Cunningham
I have my coil wires (the one going to the distributor and the 2 coming from the ECU) all running alon the same path as the main harness for my Accel do I tell if I'm having problems? So far, I haven't experienced any problems that I am aware I just a luck one? How can I check?

Which wires cause interference? The coil wire to dist or the 2 +/- wires going to coil?

The ECM is SUPPOSED to be case hardened to prevent electrical interference from other sources, BUT in the real world, sh*t happens. MSD and Crane both put out ALOT of juice. I would not mount my coil so close to other electronics. Coil should be mounted as close to the distributor as possible, preferrably, while still in a location that provides amble air circulation for cooling.

the interfernce you would expect would come from the disruption of the pick up signal to the ECM, ECM to coil due to the coil wire giving off static interference in it's present location. No problems may exist right now, but as the wire wears it will start leaking. Coil wire should be routed preferably by itself.