"FAST START" Ignition System

Finally done

I finally finished the Fast Start Upgrade. :biggrin:

Thank Turbo1dr for having all the info in one place. The only thing I have yet to do is double check the static timing to make sure everything is right. I saw somewhere the timing should be 15d in diagnostic mode. I have a TT chip in there now so I hope that is still the case.

There are youtube videos and the details in the last few pages here---->• View topic - 81 Century Wagon/GN drivetrain build-up UPDATED 18AUG2010

Here are the youtube direct links

The clicking was something hitting the pulley. YouTube - Fast Start first start.MOV

Today after some adjustments YouTube - Buick Fast Start Hot Engine

Thanks again Guys!! It idles SOOO much better believe it or not. And it starts in 1/5 the time is used to:biggrin:. It used to crank for a bit before it finally decide to lite off!
Looking good. IIRC, the base timing is 10* BTDC. So at 15*, that would be adding 5* across the board. Be careful and check for knock in this case.

Can add a BYPASS connector and open it for the actual base timing reading. Then change the chip to match. This is easier then moving the shutter on the damper.

As it is, thumbs-up on the q-start. It is all that you have found it to be.

Thanks! I was looking around to find the base timing. I could burn a chip with the timing I want, But I figured out check it with the TT chip. THANK YOU for the info!:D

I have a snap on MT2500, so I just hook it up. Or just ground pins A & B on the ALDL to put it into diagnostic mode.
I have a snap on MT2500, so I just hook it up. Or just ground pins A & B on the ALDL to put it into diagnostic mode.

I keep forgetting about being able to do that. Sure makes it easy to check the base timing.

No chip changing needed. The circuits in the fast-start module were redesigned so it allows the module to "know" when to fire the next coil in the firing sequence by using both the 3x and the 18x signal on the crank.

THe picture below shows how the stock ign system requires up to 2 full crank revolutions to recognize which coil to fire first.


The picture below shows the way the FAST START module determines which coil to fire within 1/3rd of a crank revolution.



Can we discuss those scope traces? I have some specific questions.

email me at bob AT bailey-eng DOT com


(yes, I have something in mind for this....) :)
Damn, You guy's are smart... I love this place. Even though I have no clue what the hell you said... :)