Fat 'n skinnies...pics? Pros/cons?


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Dec 23, 2002
I can't afford the 17x8 wheels I want, so I want go the Telstar route with possibly 15x8 in the rear and 15x5 or so in the front. I saw SteadySlamming's TR tonight, a beautiful white T with 15x8 rear (and 275/60's)and 15x3.5 in the front. Looked AWESOME. I drive rather...umm...spirited...so I'm thinking 3.5's might be too skinny for me and I'll slide on em. On the other hand, the 5" front might not look as good as the 3.5"s. Anyone have pics or feedback from this combo? What about 15x9s?
I just bought a set of Telstars. Since my GN is out of commission for another month or so, I installed them on my friend's 87 Limited T-Type to 'test them out'; see if they fit OK, drive good, etc. I am pleased with the results. 15x8 rear (4" BS) with G60-15 McCrearys and 15x6 front (3.5" BS) with 205/70-15s.

I didn't install the nice Centerline center caps, so they look a little 'ghetto' but still pretty good.

Here is a link with a couple pics.............

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i have telstars on my car. I just switched from 4s in the front to 6's. I did it b/c there are more tire choices and the vw tires werent doing to well on the front of my buick boat. I also have mccreary's on the rear of mine....The only problem i have with them is i think they are a lil short...

good combo...:D