Felpro intake differences between 96033 96037


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This is covered a little in the archives but since I stumbled upon the actual differences I thought I would post pictures of the differences and my findings on the size of the cutouts for the runners.

I accidentally ordered a 96037 which happens to be for a non egr modeled 3.8. I have the champion heads, so by accident this helps me out. I was leaking a little bit of exhaust to the egr port block off on the intake. By ordering the wrong gasket, in a sense, have helped seal the block off up even more.

The gasket is exactly the same dimensions entirely. From the overall shape to the size of the material between the runners. The only difference in the two is the egr area is closed off on the 96037, opened up on the 96033

If you have EGR deleted heads, it would be better to use this 96037 gasket, IMO.

See the pics.


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Yeah thats the only difference is the lack of egr. Great for blocking it like you mentioned.
Worked on a friends car that had a stumble and random miss turns out the egr gasket was leaking and cooking 1 inj. So if you dont need the egr and have heads with exh egr ports open and replacing intake gasket and want to block it this is a good choice because even with some of the egr block off plates theres still exh at the gasket. Heres the headgasket[emoji33] [emoji35]
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