Few stock and aftermarket parts that need to go

Troy D

Nov 29, 2012
All parts are plus fees and plus shipping

-8445 bare heads. Previous owner painted them all black. Everywhere $50

‐Stock elbow and downpipe. Good shape, came off my personal car. $75

‐Driver side header. Don't know the history on this, looks to be in good shape. $50

‐PTC 10" 2800 converter. Model ptc10-700-27LU S. This has 4K street miles.
I never used this. $300

‐Kenne Bell headers. Got these in trade but never recieved the turbo side header so I pieced these together with this other header. That is why they are different. $300

‐Cottons FMIC. Core measures 28"X15"X3.5" thick. Not including end tanks.
3" pipes. 1 of the pipes will need to be expanded as it is out of shape on the very end. See pic. I recieved this the same way.
No hardware and no couplings are included..

‐Molnar stroker rods. Off center, wide journal with ARP hardware. $500
Thanks, Troy

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DS header tentatively sold
Trashman next if deal falls thru

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KB headers sold
PTC converter sold / waiting on payment

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Stock header sold

KB headers sold

Converter sold

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A quick search of your area code shows your in Florida.
Not really sure it will be worth it for you as I am in Chicago area
Prob looking at $100 to ship these.
I can box them and get a quote still, if you like

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Can get you a price tomorrow if that works
Let me know, but just guessing it will prob be $80-100

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Interested in the heads. Besides being painted black what else can you say about them. Are they stock appearing or have they been worked on?