Fiberglass bumper people...question??for ya


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Was thinking about glass bumpers.My car is 3200lbs now,don't really need to lose weight.Just wonderin if anyone has experienced any cracking or breakage with them.I just don't like the idea of a piece of fiberglass holding the ends of the frame together.I feel the steel bumpers kinda tie everything together for strength.How is the fit and finish on these?Thanks for any input..
I put them on last year and am taking to front one off this year. They have been bumped and held up fine with respect to that, although my front one cracked at the top for some reason and I don't think it had to do with a parking lot bump. The front end feels loose now without the steel bumper there. That is the main reason I am removing it. I am going to have a steel one welded and smoothed to look like a 'glass one now.

I did it for the look as I have a light weight car also. The rear fit and finish was better than my front. I have a set of glasstek bumpers. There may be better out there as far as fit though.