Finally GM is doing something right....

I don't like the pontiac version either, but the saturn version looks good. I think the point of the article is that its putting a 2.0 liter 260 hp TURBOCHARGED engine in them. That is exciting news. Alky injection, adjustable wastegate and you're looking at some serious horspower out of a domestic 4 banger!
It should SCREAM when properly massaged !! My daughter lives in Germany where the Opel Speedster has been out for a while now, there are kids getting well north of 300hp on their 104 octane and some fuel/timing management !!
yea, the general cut my retiree pension by 720.00 per year , they wanted to give their hot shots a raise, oc,,x gm employee :eek:
Two thumbs up. I admire anything that was designed with putting a smile on your face when you take it for a ride. There are companyies offering LS2 swaps in these already.
lieu910 said:
There are companyies offering LS2 swaps in these already.

Not only a LS2, but for a mere $46,000 upgrade will bring you a 600HP supercharged LS2 in that Solstice from Mallett.

Mallett Solstice

I like the Saturn version better too, but I still think that this is one of the more interesting cars to come out of GM in awhile (excluding the new Z06 of course). They had four of those Ecotec 4-cylinders running out at Bonneville this year (HHR, Cobalt, Deuce roadster and a Bellytanker) so there is definately some room for more power in that motor.

I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who's first thought was "more boost!"
interesting. does look like a miata but i like the fact that gm is doing forced induction. it's supposed to be a stout little motor, they make the engine blocks and heads where i was born, got to take a plant tour.
For the amount of money these cars will be going for once first released one might save alot of money by purchasing a 2 year old solstice and putting a higher horsepower motor into it.

I will be stuffing a turbo buick motor in one when i find one cheap!

Coming from a guy that hate the WRX,That Miata is G A Y.......I will take a WRX any day over that GM crap,better yet give me a Chrysler 300 SRT8...
My buddy works for Mallet and they sold 80 Solstices last week. They also had the dude that invented the little giant ladder come and buy a 1000HP Solstice with a blown 427 and all the goodies with show quality paint for 180000 :eek: