Finally In The 10's!!!!!


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Had a track rental at Bradenton Motorsporst Park. there was a TNT session in the AM then at 4:00PM Palm Beach F-Body Clud with around 50 cars had the track till 9:00 pm

We had a bunch of Buicks and 3 TTA's. Had been working on launching my car all day and finally 1st pass in the PM a 10.99@119 with a 1.58 60ft :D :D

the run
1.58 60ft
4.59 330
6.99 1/8
100.70 mph
9.17 1000ft
10.99 1/4
119.82 mph

This was on 93 pump gas and ALKYCONTROL using M/T et streets 28/12.5,and only 24lbs of boost with 24 degrees of timing. :tongue: :tongue:
Awesome Job!!!
We are very happy. You guys have been in the game for a long time and the hard work has paid off.

Now whats next ??? ;) LOL
Have you noticed how easy the "TENS" are. I remember when if your drag car ran tens then you were really doing somethng, now if your street car doesn't run tens then it's a slow POS. Street cars running mid 11s don't even get noticed.
Way to go... did what I could never do on that car :). My best was an 11.003..

Grant.. it took 4 of us to pull his helmet off :D

Drive to the track..air them down.. do your thing.. drive home.

Nothing easy bout doing it.. been trying to get that car to run a 10 for over 2 years now. Still on the GM oem block, crank, and rods.

Even beat me on a run we had.. I was baking a cake on the line and he cut a lite.. :redface: