Finally took her out tonight, few questions on my Direct Scan.


The Artist FKA Scott4DMny
Ok, here goes. Finally took here out, runnin nice. TPS .42-4.62. IACs 9@idle 31in drive. What are my Maf Numbers supposed to look like. How about my O2 Cross counts? I just took her down the street because I havent activated insurance yet. I need to adjust my boost valve. I reached 19psi and had to let off the gas. (was headin to 20+) Good thing is, I must have hit a little over 19psi, and no knock w/ 93 octane. So I'm good there. But I am also getting a trouble code. "Lean Exhaust". What does this mean? Do I need to bump the Fuel pressure up? Also maybe some other numbers to look at? This PT54 doesnt spool up that bad with the stock converter. And my low fuel light is on, and I have half a tank.... DAMN....Thanks for your help, let me know what you think.

With your setup...

MAF - Should ramp up quickly to 255 & stay there for all gears.

O2 X - I've seen some going to the upper 100 range (& 200) as well as teens. Seems to be as long as they don't flatline @ "0", you are OK.

+19psi on 93 - Yea, I believe it. With the cooler intake charge (compliments of the 54, big neck, P&P intake & heads, etc.) & reasonable timing, it shouldn't be a problem.

Code 44 - When the O2 sensor voltage stay below .250 for a period of time (don't know how long), you will get this code. What is your fuel pressure at... ~43-44?? You might want to do a fuel volume test to verify the pump is supplying a sufficient quantity. Also check O2 sensor operation (x-counts would be an indicator) and for exhaust leaks between the O2 sensor & heads. The other possible (probable??) problems are vacuum leaks and the stock MAF being mis-calibrated allowing more air than is registering. There are other possible problems, though these would be the most likely candidates.

Low fuel light - Sorry, can't help there, except... fill it up?! :D