First Official Kill..... "Slowww Talon"

king kong

Better,Stronger,n Faster
Jun 28, 2010
I was cruising on a local highway lastnight at about 60mph minding my own buisness. It was about 45 degrees, and we TR owners all know our cars just love this kind of weather :cool: Just like all TR owners do...I would scan my rearview mirror. I could'nt tell what kind of car it was, but it seem to be alittle to close for comfort on the S shaped highway. :rolleyes: So i nicely put a gap between him and I by bringing my 6765E from a cruising vacuum state to 0 lbs of boost. eventually he rolls up again, but this time on my passenger side and looks at my WH1. (not me cause windows are smoked BLACK) :cool: Then he speeds off into next curve w/ his lawn mower exhaust. THATS IT! :mad: Now i get my hook and line and go fishing. Keeping him in close range knowing a red light is ahead :wink: I quickly take position by horse sneezing a car out of my way. Got em on hook...we line up at the light :wink: he looks at me...I just glance. I clean off my M/T nicely with line lock for 3 sec. small white cloud appears :biggrin: By standers looking :cool: Green light! All they saw was SILVER N BLACK....2 cars, 4 cars, 6 CARS AHEAD! :eek: WE TAKE NO PRISONERS....If he's man enough to line up....THEN HE WILL GET HIS HEAD CHOPPED OFF :eek: Thx OTTO
LOL! good one! But you posted in the cars for sale section.

I love beating up on the ricers.
Killed a candy apple green camaro yesterday on the highway w/temp plate. brand new lol. He tried to sneak around me in the right lane, but you know i went and got em. He slowed down and i slaughtered him from a 50mph role :eek: I slowed up after hitting 110mph and he just looked at me and nodded w/the thumbs up. Then i boosted out of sight unchallenged so he fully respects Turbo Buicks! LMAO!
I can't wait for my first summer of killing ricers...... or any other I may be able to lay waste to.... I don't mind getting beat by a better car. Don't think that will happen often as I have a pretty good idea who I should fight with....

Love these stories.
yea thats a stout little car and gonna give most anyone a run for their money. and with Otto's help its almost cheating:biggrin: few can build or tune a car like Otto.
Thanks Brett! Coming from you that means alot :biggrin: But your 100% spot on! Otto is the man....Bar none. Before i brought my car to Otto it didn't run like it does now. True story.....He brought it all out with some tweaking, few added parts, and a SUPERB TUNE. I'm so glad i found him.....Can't wait to get back to the shop even for an oil change LOL.
I have a 95 talon man and never NEVER EVER think about running it against my GN............or even my stock 95 integra gsr....
Yeah i hear you dude....This guy had a big gage on his i didn't take any chances, because in the Nj Ny and Conn. they love to turbo charge ricers and bully American muscle cars. Well some...Not TR's :biggrin:
Bring it on! Your GN and My WH1 will Kick A$$ two at a time :smile: Plenty of ricers here to KILL...LOL
I had a Talon back in the early 2000's, on the street out of the hole the Talon would easily win, but from any kind of roll, the Talon wouldn't have a chance.
Out of the hole? ok.....And what would happen after the hole shot? Hope you had a BIG A$$ turbo on there, or after most mildly modified TR's hook they would go right by you :smile: