First real drive today, need some feedback

OK, it's 50+ degrees in Chicago and I've had my car for about a month. Had to get it out there and see what i've got. Here are some thoughts/questions for the group:

1. Scanmaster Recall: I punched it dozens of times, checked recall at least 6-8. Only once did it register knock (2.1). Also, AF voltage seemed like it could be low at times, 735 at 90mph was one instance that comes to mind. Others it seemed to register like 225 but I figured that was a glitch to be ignored....This was at 22lbs boost with 100 no lead. Also curious what happens to these numbers in June when it's 80+ degrees outside.

2. Transmission: Seems like you can really feel the car jump in and out of lockup, and it seems like the shifts are very crisp. I did not think it had a shift kit, however I could be wrong. I'm assuming the herky-jerky ness is a combination of lockup and 3200 converter. Anything else I should check for adjustment, etc?

3. Oil Pressure: At moderate or WOT it was fine, but seemed low in drive. At a stoplight for example it was around 15psi. Everyone else see similar numbers?

Otherwise, it seems like a good piece. Feedback is appreciated.


Sounds normal to me.

I'd drive it. :cool:

You may be at the limit of boost with that octane however.

Reds 93 may not have enough fuel for 22psi.

Hence your O2 numbers.

Oil pressure is good and relatively normal.

In June you will be slower but probably no more knock, less power. :frown:
I didn't even see the signature the first post but modified the answer when I saw the combo.

Probably a bit too much boost for 100 with that chip and heads and cam.

Other than that it sounds good.

I'd invest in direct scan someday which with those blasts would have given you a ton of data to review. :cool:
If the 735 is the O2 number, personally for me that would be too low even on 100 octane. 780 would be a safer number on 100 octane.
One other thing

I was driving the car around town in OD, after talking with a friend I'm thinking just leaving the car in D is the way to go.

Which gear do most people drive in, D or OD?


I usally dive in D, but I have 3.73's with a 4000 stall. When my converter locks up in OD, it dose the same herky/ jerky thing. Combo of gears converter, & when the chip tells it to lock up (just at the street cruising speed) causes it.
80+ degrees

:cool: Try an alchy injection kit, you won't be disappointed. I ran 26+ boost on 95+ temps w/80+ humidity and "0" knock using my T/L for recording. That was w/denatured. I have since gone to methanol. :biggrin: