First time to the track with the GN


rippin sh!t up!
Well, it was my first time out with the GN. I definitely found out that you can't launch over 2lbs on 255/60/15 street tires :o Car loves 110 leaded :D

Started out with a blistering 9.28 @ 78 MPH (2.33 60' time):rolleyes:

Best was a 8.54 @ 87 MPH (1.96 60' time)

This was done with the following: TT chip, 60lb injectors, home made single shot exhaust, K&N filter basically clamped to the end of the MAF, power plate, hot wired walbro, adjustable FPR.

Boost was also at 21lbs but it really wasn't pulling as hard as I though it should, time to replace the 142,000 mile valve springs? Where do I go from here? Time for slicks? Am I about where I should be with this combination?
87 is a tad low MPH, did you try and lock the convertor?

New springs might help out...

I always launched at less than 1 psi running those tires, they do hook if you treat them right :)

I didn't try to lock the converter, not sure how much I would gain in the 1/8th.

Turbo was stock, and there were no changes made to the 92 octane TT chip, so I probably could have gained some more by increasing the timing....
If your running racegas, then i would definitely increase the low end timing on the car.

Id bet you could get the mph to 89 or 90 with just locking the convertor and adding 2° of timing down low.