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took my gn to track first time, heres my combo , atr313b cam, 36lb injectors, intake, exhaust, 3" atr dp, chip, te-44 , 17lb boost and i ran a 14.1 at 100 mph with a 2.4 60foot time, wtf is up, i am getting a scanmaster tommorow and have a 2800 stall converter waiting to be put in, any other tips??
Your combo is capable of mid 11's. Get the scan tool and you will be able to drop the time down. If that 60' time is on street tires, get some slicks or at least drag radials on it and hit your 12's. Also, get in at least 100 octane and bump up the boost to around 23psi to start, after the scanmaster is hooked up.

Good luck
i ran a 14.3 at 98mph with a d-6 convertor at 18# of boost and a 2.5 60' time this is bone stock so there is definitly something wrong mine would be a t 13.3 with a still lousy 2.0 60' time.
.10 in the 60ft in good for .15 on the big end.

Your 14.1 ET would be a 13.50 ET if you could get a 1.80 60 ft.

A good launch with slicks or drag radials could get you in the low 1.70's or 1.60's. Who knows! Maybe even better. Depends on your suspension.
The combo may take you high 11s on a good day with 25 psi and good gas with a race chip. Although it should still be in the low 13s to high 12s on pump gas and 17 psi. Was the car spinning through the 60 or just spooling very slow? Without scan tool readings its hard to tell much, the mph should be around 106-107 i would think so it could be knocking or maybe sometime in the past the stall converter was replaced with a crap stall killing 60 fts and eating power? What was the 1/8th ET and mph? Are the injectors blue tops? or are they white? The white injectors tend to run fat on the bottom but rich up top, so if a chip that was burned for blue top 36s were installed it may aggrevate that even worse. Did you keep it in drive or let it shift into OD? Once you get a scan tool on it you will be able to better tell the tune of the car. It may be as simple as a MAF not reading properly or a misadjusted TPS.

EDIT: BTW what is your track altitude and what part of the country?
i know i was wasnt knocking cause i put 110 race fuel in it, but being the dummy i am i forgot my tools at home, there was no spinning at all, they were blue tops with a chip burnt for them, i put the car in drive, not sure of my 1/8 but it was ugly
fett87 said:
i know i was wasnt knocking cause i put 110 race fuel in it, but being the dummy i am i forgot my tools at home, there was no spinning at all, they were blue tops with a chip burnt for them, i put the car in drive, not sure of my 1/8 but it was ugly

Well it could be all in the tune or it could be something else. Does it have new valve springs at all? And the other thing i would look at is the converter. Get under the car and see if it has a D5 or just 5 stamped on it. If not, its probably a POS that is killing power throughout the rpm range. Once you get a scan tool follow the spring cleaning recipe at and go from there. Last ? is do you know what exhaust housing is on the turbo? PTEs can spool fairly slow with a stock converter and if it has a .85 housing it may be even worse.
its a pte .63 housing, i think its a d5 but i will check it out again, the valve springs were replaced about 6 months ago with redone heads and gaskests
If you run race gas then you should also raise the boost to lean it out.
If you run race gas then you should run a race chip with more timing to lean it out and go faster.

Up the boost to 24psi with no knock, lock the convertor, get a 1.60 sixty foot and your looking at high 11s no problem.
You should easily be able to knock off some 1.90 sixty foots on radials and run some mid 12s with no knock.

Your car should run between 110mph and 120mph with the cam and turbo, but its your sixty foot is killing you.

Look at your 1/8th mile MPH, is it 80mph? 80 gain 20 puts you at 100 in the 1/4... Lock the convertor and you would go 80 gain 22 puts you at 102 in the 1/4...

Let us know what your mph was at the 1/8th and we can go from there.

If you get your 60' down to 1.9s then your 1/8th mph and 1/4mph will come up to about 88 and 108 just with a better 60'.

thanks guys, i still cant find the time slip, but i got my scanmaster today and voltbooster, i will work on those other area's
dont worry

I run a te60 and my first time slip was 14.30 after I installed it. (my 1st time at the track, too). I thought I would puke. With the same mods and some tuning and practice I'm down to 12.019. This is on a stock convertor and my valve covers have never been off... I'm gonna get an 11.??? before I put this new convertor in. Just take your time and it will come down. Dont be scared of 23-24 lbs if you're running 110.
Yeah the scanmaster should have been the first thing you bought. Then get a chip you can tune yourself. Leave the WOT fuel parameters alone at first. Work on spool fuel and watch those O2's from the moment you nail it till maybe 3 seconds later. Once the O2s look good in that area, then work on WOT fuel and do the same. Then start advancing timing and see what it does to the O2's. Mine tend to go up when I add timing. getting spool fuel and low gear timing dialed in made all the difference in the world getting the car going. After that, adjusting everything else is pretty easy.
If you do some searches, you'll see quite a few people who had 11 second combos who were running 14's, and it was mostly because of a bad converter.
Get that taken care of. Then put the power of tuning in your own hands. Get the base fuel pressure happy, and make sure you have as many new sensors as you can afford. Set your IAC, TPS, clean your MAF elements, get a new O2 sensor.....Since you run race gas with lead, get a delco O2. I had a brand new delco in my car when I bought it, but it was really lazy on the O2 crosscounts compared to the bosch one I put in later. The crosscounts with the bosch one were so much faster it was crazy. I run alky, so I dont have to worry about lead killing O2 sensors.
Im sure your problems are all just in the tune.
Beef up your tranny and get a 9" 3200 stall. I went from running 13.8 to 13.45 without doing any other changes.