Went to Fontana today for the first race on the new track, anybody have any opinions on the new site??? No slicks, and no trailered cars, how long will this last??

I went today the 9th decent cars but just to many ricers wasting time with there 16-18 sec passes, I think once banning opens thats gonna go so might as well use it while its still there, and i dont like the bump at the end of the track ouch!
how many times did you get to run? was it crowded?
i can usually get 1 run per 45min at LACR in palmdale (4-5 per nite). maybe i'll head out there later in sept.

I was there

Got there at 5:30am was already 4 rows of cars over. made the first pass at like 11:30am. made 2 more passes before I left at like 4.

Too crowded, too much rice, no traction....

plus my car wasnt running right :P
three runs in 4.5 hours?! maybe im just spoiled from "i dont want to drive that far" LACR.
sounds like a busy opening day. hopefully it will calm down a little. but i doubt it.....
i'll have to check it out at least. (sept 22 i think)