FOR SALE OR TRADE 1991 PRO STREET Ranger !!! Under 54,000 miles on body!


Sep 2, 2002
For Sale
PRO STREET 1991 Ford Ranger Extended Cab

We got the truck a year go not running. I just finished up all the items that needed to be fixed.
The truck runs like a champ! Will not over heat even with the 90+ Degree weather we have had! Runs at or below 180* all the time.
The only reason we have decided to sell it is, We have a 17 month old son that has to go in a Baby seat. We took the truck to the
telegraph Cruise last weekend and got stopped by a State trooper He said we cant have the baby seat in the back of the truck!
Its not safe and is now against the law! SO My wife and I have decided to Sell or trade it for some thing else.
Just so that every one knows we DO NOT HAVE TO SELL THE TRUCK! Nor do we have to trade it. We have the price set very fair.
IF you have some thing to trade let us know.

We are asking $12,000 for the truck in trade value. Or $11,000 CASH MONEY.

**************PLEASE READ Examples of what we will trade for!************
Nice older Muscle car, IE Chevelle, Nova, Dart, Demon, 67-69 Camaro, or Maybe some thing late model
But any and all items MUST HAVE A BACK SEAT WITH SEAT BELTS! Late Model means Grand National T-type, Fox Mustang thats not overly hacked up,
1998-2002 Camaro (Camaros must be the same as a Mustang not million Miles and Hacked up.

If you have some thing we like and its worth more we may add $ to the deal on our end.
We know cars so if you show us JUNK we will know its JUNK.

Please email all trade offers with Photos those without photos will not be looked at

AND Last We will not trade for your Ricer Rocket, 4x4 Truck, Boat or 4 wheeler SORRY

Engine -
1990 302 Board to 306 cid
Forged TRW pistons
Stock Crank and rods
2 Bolt Block
Factory Ported Iron Heads
E303 Roller Cam
AED Pro systems 750 Double Pumper carb
Victor Jr. Intake
Ford Motorsports Valve Covers
K&N Air Filter with Filter Top
1 7/8" Primary Headers (Hooker)

Fuel System-
Aromotive Drag/Street 250gph Pump (Brand New)
Russell's -8 Fuel Line From Cell to Aromotive Return Style Reg.
-8 To carb from Reg.
-8 Return Line
14 Gallon Fuel Cell

C4 Built by Joels on Joy
Red Alto Clutches
Manual Valve Body
B&M Torque Converter 3000 Stall
B&M Pro Ratchet shifter
B&M Extra Deep Tans Pan

Rear end-
Narrowed Ford 9" with 33 Spline Hardened Axles
Eaton Detroit Locker
4.56 Gear
Ladder Bars
QA1 Adjustable coil overs shocks
All the chassis work and bed work were done by a Local Shop Thompsons Automotive.

Front end-
Manual Steering box
Bell tech Dropped I-beams
Comp Eng. adj. Drag Shocks (Set to 90/10)

Wheels and Tires
Weld Pro Star Wheels
15"X15" Rear with Mickey Thompson 31X18.50X15 Tires
15"X 4" Weld Pro Stars with Tiger Paw 205 70 15 Front tires

31X18.5X15 Mickey Thompson Tires

Link to photos -
Pictures by superbdecals - Photobucket
Ok I guess I need to clear up some of my crapy wording
Our son was in the jump seat in the back not the bed!

Next wife says to take a trade (If its what we want) and lower the price to $10,000 Cash or $11,000 trade value. So there it is great truck would not sell if I could put my freaking kid in it and have fun. Truck drive like a new truck Power Windows locks and tilt Still has heat! Just lacking A/C

PRICE DROP! Need it gone asap found the car we want :)
Call Derek 313-850-3212
I know this may be the obvious question but here goes, Why not put the wife in the jump seat and the kid up front? Problem solved and you get to keep this amazing truck!
I know this may be the obvious question but here goes, Why not put the wife in the jump seat and the kid up front? Problem solved and you get to keep this amazing truck!
Have you ever sat in the back of an Ext. Cab Ranger?? Im not a big guy and I sure as heck am not sitting back there and Im not going to make my wife do some thing I would not do. She tried it already and didnt like it any lol.
No go Plus I want another GN or White T - type as I miss mine way to much. :)
Did not selll winners son bid on it for his 1st car she says NO NO NO So its still for sale Make a good cash offer and its yours !