For Trade (mainly) or FS: 1987 Mazda RX7 Turbo II


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May 28, 2008
I know this is a long shot, but maybe there is someone out there that wants something different. We'd be interested in any T-types or GNs, or essentially any G-body. If you want to call or text, you can reach me at 205-359-0641. So here goes:

My sons and I have built this thing since 2/2009. There is hardly anything that is stock on the car, except the body and some interior pieces. It runs and drives just fine, although the tune still needs a small tweak with the start up. It cranks fine, just acts more like a carburetor. The tune is solid and the car is a blast to drive. The only reason I am posting is the fact that I built this for my oldest son, and since 2009, he sprouted to 6'4" with a size 14 shoe. He doesn't fit in the car and his feet regularly depress two pedals at once while trying to drive it. He can drive a manual, but I would prefer something automatic for him.

The car is a 1987 original Turbo II car, with the better brakes, suspension components, and transmission/rear diff. It is a 5 speed, 13B rotary with a street port, polished FD UIM and throttle body, BNR stage III turbo, full exhaust with presilencer and twin Borla mufflers with 3" dolphin tips, huge fuel system (Aeromotive A1000 pump, Aeromotive regulator, 4 x 1000cc ID injectors, all braided lines , -10 supply with -8 return into a custom aluminum fuel cell, all JIC fittings, etc...), Fluidyne radiator, FMIC, Microtech LT8s standalone ECU, PLX wideband, Tokico blue struts with Tanabe springs, WORK Ewing staggered true 3pc wheels, new tires, cross drilled and slotted rotors with EBC green pads all around, factory leather seats in mint condition, all Autometer silver gauges, HID headlights with the correct housings so you don't blind people at night. I know there is more that I am forgetting, but that will give you an idea. The car is sprayed with a Subaru World Rallye blue metallic plasti-dip.

If I sell it, I would want no less than $8k firm $7k if I keep the wheels and tires. I have way more in it than that, but with a nice paint job, and a few small things buttoned up on the car, it could easily be a $10k FC RX7. Toss out what you have for a trade. I have the clean title to the car in hand and it is registered as we drive it often. Toss out cars, trucks, Jeeps, guns, motorcycles, side by sides, etc... if you are interested in a trade. I'll consider it.

Vehicle is located in Jemison, AL (35040)

TII-left2.JPG TII-Right3.JPG TII rear.jpg TII-INT1.JPG IMG_0460.JPG