Forward/direct clutch


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My forward clutch was burnt beyond recognition and the direct clutch was ok. There should be 4 lined plates 2.1mm and 3 steels 1.9mm and one or two waved plates 1.5mm and then a backing plate 3.7mm-6.4mm. Then you could buy some alto reds or alto blues, 1.54mm.

With normal plates you would have lineds 8.4 + steels 5.7 so it would make 14.1mm
With Alto's you would have 6.16 + 5.7 = 11.86 and that would make 4-6 millimeters of end play. ATSG recommends .030-.050 of end play between backing plate and snap ring. That would be 0.8-1.3mm.

Are you supposed to put more alto-plates or what? Even the raybestos-plates leave a couple of millimeters for the waved plates.