Friend wants TR in Chicago area: Whatcha got?


I Slang in my white T
Jul 5, 2004
A good bud of mine who has been getting whooped by my turbo regals for the past few years would like to join the dark side...

A deal fell through on an 87 GN that he was going to buy, and now he has the itch, and is looking for an 86-87 turbo buick. Doesn't matter if its a GN or Ttype, and he really wouldn't mind if it's a regal, so long as it has an 86-87 GN drivetrain... :cool:

We are from the Chicago burbs, but would be willing to travel a couple hours to look at the right car.

He's looking to spend around $5000, so let's see what you guys have got.

Partially finished projects also welcome-

Thanks for your help!

83t / 86-87 dt

definetly worth taking a look at solid project.saw it drove it very solid !!
mweber: I just talked to my friend about your car on the phone, and am printing out the info so he can see it. PM me your number, and we may give you a call to take a look this weekend if you're available-

87 TR for sale

Saw your message about your buddy wanting a TR. I am in Clinton, MI about 4 hours east of you, (right off of US-12 which goes all the way to Chicago I believe..) I'm in the middle of a "semi-restoration". I'm re-doing all the seats with the correct gray interior, new carpet, and a headliner. The car has 137K miles and is faded but has virtually no rust, (rarity for around these parts). It was originally a California car. The engine needs a new turbo, (smokes), but runs great as well as a good-shifting trans. It has a Hooker cat-back exhaust, fuel pump hot wiring, a few different chips, adj. regulator, and I'm sure a few more things I forgot about. It ran a best ET of 12.59 (with slicks) a few years back with not really a whole lot of work. I want $5000 for it otherwise I'll keep it and finish it myself. Good luck in your search!

Crappy pictures with half-broken digital camera at:

have a 87 WE-4 for sale, im in MN, but i can send pics and if really interested ill drive it down there. if delivered, would like 6500. pm me if interested
console is cracked on the base, inside the compartment.
needs headliner replaced
cruise doesnt work.
needs shifter handle
135k miles
small dents on trunklid, and one slight wave on passenger quarter
small rust spots forming on the bottom front corners of the doors, and bottom of rear wheelhouse(inner tire).
motor has NEVER been opened, headers leak
transmission (original) in need of a rebuild sometime, shifts fine, but getting long, and needs hardened stator support.
A/C does not work but complete
turbo exhaust housing has bad bolt hole
ALL suspension bushings replaced 3500 miles ago, POLYgraphite in the front and poly in the rear.
all new suspension parts except idler arm
new front tires, 275/50/15 BFG drag radials in the rear
UMI Performance rear control arms
XP fuel pump, ADJ. regulator, 36# bluetops, fuel press guage
Scanmaster 2.1
ALKYcontrol progressive alcohol system
3" single exhaust, cheap homemade 3" downpipe
TE-44 w/precision housing
K&N filter
3000 stall D5 converter
comes with factory turbocharger