FS - 1989 Turbo TA...Stage2...800rwhp...14k original miles

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Too bad, it would have been nice if it went to someone that was really interested driving it.
Well look at his ebay add.. The car is a flipper. I didn't think the price was bad. BUT I am not looking for anything else.. Well for now :D
If the original seller got the right $$ for it, and let it go. I guess the new guy can do whatever he wants with it, I don't have a problem with it.
The car might have been traded to the current owner. I traded a very heavily modded low mileage 4th gen f body for stock c5 and some cash then turned around and sold the stock c5 because it was an easier sell because it appealed to more potential buyers than the heavily modded car. Not saying that is what happened here, just a possibility and might explain why it's for sale again so soon.
Contacted the guy
Reserve was $42,500
But ill take $39,500 cash

So I sent them this post !
Have herd nothing back lol

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