FS: Lots of 87 GN parts


Jun 12, 2002
I have a bunch of 87 GN parts lying around still from a car I parted out years ago. I gathered everything up, and took pictures. If you see something you need, shoot me a price. I can send better pictures of things too if needed. Paypal or money orders acccepted. paypal is billdogg86@hotmail.com **Please message me an offer of what you want. I don't have time to research every part**






I need some upper door panels, can you shoot me a price and pictures of the tops of them?
Thanks John jqn555@live.com

Just read this again.. if the car is that low mileage, I'm definitely in for the upper door panels if they reflect the mileage.
I'll take the following if available,
pending prices:

Antenna assy & coax cable, if known good.
Wiper arm, need pass side.
Jack hold down hardware, including wingnuts.
Cowl/HVAC screened cover.
Headlight/dimmer switch assy.
How much for the delco radio shipped
to ny 11729? I might be intetested depending on the price and condition of it.
If I haven't responded to you yet, I'm sorry, I will, I promise. All the parts are at my shop which I can only get to after work at night. I'm working on finding boxes to be able to ship door panels so I can work on a shipping price. Again, the rest, I will get to you. Thanks.