Fuel level and gauge woes

Joe 1320

Torqueus Maximus
I ended up having to replace the hanger, pump and sender last year. Since I had an analog gauge cluster, I made sure I got the correct sending unit. The gas gauge worked pretty well, but it wasn't 100% accurate. Empty as far as the tank was concerned, read just below 1/4 of a tank on the gauge. The sending unit was from NOS4GN and was the ceramic card version specifically for analog gauge clusters.

Fast forward to a few months ago I put in a AVC GNX type gauge cluster. The gauges are VDO and seem to fuction fine except this gas gauge is worse in accuracy than the original. A full tank pegs the gauge way over full on the gauge and the car runs out of gas when the gauge reads half. Is there any way to correct this or is there a different calibrated gauge?