Fuel level gauge?


So Cal TTA#110

The fuel gauge in my TTA reads full a 1/4+ past where it should read. And sits in the red a while before running out of fuel. Is this a problem with the gauge or the sending unit? I have one opinon that it's the fuel sending unit that's the problem. The reason being GN's have the same problem. So with that knowledge what do I do? Is a GTA sending unit any better or is it the gauge?
Any help is appreciated. I plan on putting in a Racetronix pump/hot wire kit and would like to drop the tank only once.

Fuel Gauge

I have a problem also, but slightly different. When I fill up it reads "Full" as it should and when the needle is on "Empty", it will only take about 10 gallons to fill! These are 15 gallon tanks right?

Is there a known problem with sending units or gauges in these cars?

Hope we both can get an answer SO Cal.:confused:
Tow Man, mine is identical to yours. Kinda weird drivin' on empty for 100 miles.:eek:
I gauge my fuel by mileage when possible :). Also heres a trick to make sure youre actually filling the tank. Take the pump handle and hold it sideways, sometiemes the pickup sensor in the tank is screwey. I fill up all my f-bodies like this otherwise it is prematurely full sometimes. As for the fuel level gauge, they are never very accurate in these cars Ive owned 6 and none were anywhere near perfect, the closest has been my 91. You can try the sender and that may help, otherwise the float in the tank may be gummed up a bit but thas not worth breaking your ass to fix unless youre changing the pump (which has a new one anyway)...
both of my tta's would only take around 12 gallons
i think the fuel gauges in these cars point higher than they ought to, maybe so you dont run it dry on fuel and blow up that forced induction car!
just thought id chime in and let ya'll know my fuel gauges suck too.
Well, it's good to know that others are experiencing the same thing! It kind of stinks to have to stop for fuel every 10 gallons or so. I don't like taking chances with running out :(

I also have a small fuel leak somewhere at the top of the tank. I notice gasoline running down the side of the tank when I first fill up. It stops dripping after the gauge drops just a hair below full! I hope it's something simple like a gasket or vent line! I never had one of these tanks out before, so I don't know what it's set up like.

Good time for a Walbro 340 I guess!:D