fuel pressure regulator?

I've noticed a small amount of fuel coming around the nut that holds the set screw in place on the regulator. When I say small I mean just enough to get your fingertip wet. Is any fuel suppose to come out there at all if the nut wasn't as tight as it was suppose to be? Thanks guys. BTW it's an adjustable stock appearing one.
^^i was gonna get that one a while ago but they didn't have it in stock (their site didn't state that). My money was debited and it was like two weeks and "it's on it's way." .. Don't get me wrong, I love Kirban, and use them for everything. But I couldn't wait, cancelled, and ordered the acufab one from full throttle speed.

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Thanks guys. I going to go ahead and get a new one I'm leaning towards an accufab. Does thread tape need to be used on these?
The "0" ring seals it. Just put a little petrolem jelly on ithe 0 ring so it won't split while you're tightening it down. Don't glob it on there. A little dab will do ya.
Above If i recall right was the oring leaking. Yours is leaking from the top of the regulator but still needs to be fixed

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