Fuel pump relay energized

bad V6

Oct 9, 2005
When the key is switched to the RUN position, the fuel pump relay becomes energized, switching on the fuel pump, and does not shuts off unless the key is turned OFF. The XFI is set with the FUEL PUMP PRIME at 4 seconds. I can disconnect the XFI harness and the fuel pump continues to run, however when I disconnect the GN to XFI adapter from the factory harness, the fuel pump turns off. The OE oil pressure switch plug has been eliminated and the wiring has been taped. I have sent the GN to XFI adapter to Caspers thinking that was the relay in it might be the issue, however John Spina concluded everything checks out with the adapter. I have replaced the factory fuel pump relay with a new one. The fuel pump test wire behind the alternator is not in contact with any power source. Does anyone have an idea of what I might look at remedy this issue?