Fuel Pump


I need a fuel pump, either a stocker or a Walbro. This is for a non Buick project.

RockAuto has new stock pumps for around $75, so I'd like to get something for less than that. If you have a good used pump sitting around and want to make a couple bucks, let me know.

I have a Walboro 340 I just pulled out of my tank It's in great working shape. I only replaced it because I ordered a new one and I didn't know at the time what was in my gas tank. I was gonna keep it for a backup but. $50 shipped?
PM me if interested.
i have a 340 around here somewhere. its the older one. not sure where you can find a filter for it but im sure racetronix has it. worked perfect. just replaced it since it was old
ok, found it. not sure, 50 shipped?

can't believe the shape this pump is in. looks brand new i cant even tell its been used. If i had to guess has ( about 7000 miles on it)

here's the #'s on it so you know what your getting and can get a filter for it.


Walbro GSS340

13399-1 MADE IN USA

PAT 4500270 5421306