Fuel sending unit


will it run?
MY buddy put in a fuel pump on my car and royally f*cked up the sending unit. He ripped all the wires off of it so now my fuel gauge doesn't work. My question is will a sending unit out of a junk yard regal work and will it need to have the digital dash for the fuel sending unit to work?
hey brian,

At one time I purchased a pump/sending unit from atr in one kit (superpumper) or something. Give them a call, do you really want to put junkyard parts on your car?

How was your car running otherwise, before the pump incident?

later myles
I believe any will work. If you have your old unit out you can check the resistance with a multimeter. I think they go from 0 ohms to 90-100ohms as you raise the float or vice versa. Also you may be able to repair the old wires with the unit out.
It would have to come from a fuel injected regal(only TR's were fuel injected 84-87) cause the pump is in the tank and on the hanger/sending unit. Junkyard regals will most likely be naturally aspirated(carb)and have the fuel pump on the block and not in the tank...therfore the hangers are different. Sometimes you can get a deal on used ones on the board. Mike McCoy sells new units as do other TR vendors. HTH;)
Yes, what 6pack said is right on. The hanger has to be from an injected G-body, which narrows the field pretty much. And the resistance of the sender for the digital dash is different from that for the "standard" analog gauge dash, just to add to your problems. Maybe fixing the old one is the easiest thing?
sorry to bring this post back to life, but if I had a digital pump hanger that I wanted to use on my analog car (mine rusted), couldnt I just swap the electrical/float from my analog hanger to the digital one???

New Sending unit

I bought a GM "universal" 90 ohm sender, if you have the analog dash, this will work, it worked for me:

1) Order the universal GM 90 ohm fuel level float from JC Whitney for $15.

2) Unscrew the original sending unit from the hanger.

3) Remove the new plastic unit from the new hanger and transferred it. The screw holes line up perfectly !

4) You have to bend the new float. You may need to tweak it to get empty & full to read correctly, make sure you verify how the your guage reads, I missed a little and now have a 4 gallon "reserve" when I am on "E".

Make sure you also get a new rubber O-ring and locking ring so you get a good seal, they are available at Autozone for $5.

This would be a good time to hotwire your fuel pump too.

This is an easy fix.

Good luck.