fully parted stock intake w/ 70mm TB/ plenum and alot more


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May 28, 2001
im selling my fully ported stock intake done by VPE a couple years ago. i matched the intake recently for a 1200 gasket. NO egr on this intake. It comes with the 70mm polished TB and 70MM precision upper plenum with throttle bracket. Also comes with 3/4" GN1 plenum spacer. Also has billet vacuum block on TB and angled IAC billet adapter on bottom. has 160 degree thermostat and billet housing. Comes with new IAC, thermostat, coolant sensor. Currently has heat blocked since car had no heat. Also come with new 1200 gasket and a tin valley pan gasket...this setup has been 138 with irons heads and old school 70mm turbo. alls you would need to do is grab a new TPS sensor and bolt it on car and go. $600 shipped for everything. might break it up if cant sell as a whole unit but would like to sell complete, thanks
Give me a price on the the 70mm TB and the upper plenum. I realy don't need the vacume block and the angle iac . I already have those parts. Pic of the two parts also . Thanks
let me sit on it for a little bit and see if the whole thing sells if not ill pm you a price on what you are asking about..
might be splitting it all up but would like to sell whole

looking to part out as buyer has not come through just yet on return emails

TB and plenum combo..$335 shipped
Champion billet spacer...$70 shipped
Iac angle...$35 shipped
billet vaccum block..$35 shipped
ported lower intake...$230 shipped