G-Body Specialties - Who's interested? - San Diego


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San Diego, CA. Heres a side-job I am thinking of doing and I am wondering who would be interested. My father runs/ owns his own repair shop and I work there part time. What I was wondering was, how many people would like to see kind of just a speed shop dedicated to G-bodies? It wouldn't be advertised in papers or anything, just on g-body websites such as gbodyforum, turbobuick.com, or pro-touring etc. I haven't configured prices yet, but we do have experience and all the tools necessary to do tasks. We have a full automotive repair shop w/ racks, wheel balancers, tire machines. I haven't decided if we will do engine performance mods yet, since that is more time conflicting with regular business of automotive repair. But I can get discounts on aftermarket parts for our cars and install them for a reasonable price. Here are some tasks I had in mind.

-Headlights (Hella european style, or possibly HID)
-Wheels/Tires (american racing, weld, billet specialties, coys, etc.)
-Handling kits, sway bars, lowering springs etc, shocks
-Steering wheels