Gbody parts! Making good on small mistakes!


Buick addict
Nov 25, 2003
I have known Brian for several years and even helped him out a bit when he was in PA and he has always been a top notch guy and vendor with his service and still continues to be! I ordered a TA 6 port block on eBay the other day and I was sent the wrong one (5 port) A very simple mistake. Called G Body parts up and told them the situation, I needed it ASAP to get my project finished due to a very limited time frame so sure enough the correct part was sent right out and I got it the next day (today)! Top notch service!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys very much for fixing the issue so quick!! :D
Hey Adam Sorry about that. The pricing just threw my guys off in the back. We don't normally do a lot on e-bay. If any one knows how busy we can get it would be you.