Getting a PRO EFI installed in a low 11 T Type


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I'm adding a Pro EFI to my T Type which is already built up to were I'm happy with my times but don't feel like I'm taking full advantage of it without this EFI system so I'm having a Pro EFI put in it. My mechanic is a vendor for them and said that mine would be the 2nd GN in the nation with this system besides Turbo Cliff (I don't know if Turbo Cliff is the only one with this system but that's what I was told so if other people have it please don't cut my head off). I'm very excited about this and can't wait for the car to be ready which will be mid January. My last 2 runs I made were at Atco here in NJ and I ran an 11.2 at 120.4 and on the 2nd run I got into the forbidden land lol with a 10.8 at 122.3. So obviously she's not a run of the mill Turbo Buick :eek: What do you think I'll gain from this system? Are low tens now a possibilty? Maybe a high 9? I know that's really pushing it but hey the sky's the limit :) I was running an 11.7 all summer until I put in the Stage Right trans brake (the week before the track closed DUMB ME) and that's when I got the 11.2 and the 10.8. Anyway here's my mods I'm copying and pasting my mod list (it's long) so just ignore the chip stuff and MAF stuff as obviously with this system they're no longer needed :)
Sorry for the ramble but how much do you guys think I'll gain from this system? BTW she dynoed at 509 RWHP and 618 lbs of TQ before the EFI.

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I don't think you will see any perf advantage until you get the tuning down.Can't beat todays chips for that et

From talking to Cliff, Pro Efi has help boxes for the parameters that help you understand the effect of each option more helpful than the competitions help feature to a new tuner. This means you don't have to be Cal Hartline or Otto to understand the system. You do need a very good master tuner to do the inital ,but you can go in behind him and try things. I wish you the best and keep us posted!
My mechanic/tuner is going to Arizona to take a course they are offering on this software so the tuning shouldn't be an issue as he tuned the car as it is and ran her rich to be on the cautious side. With the EFI if I don't see a performance upgrade for this $$$$ I'm going to be one disappointed SOB. Won't this system allow the car to run to it's fullest abilities? If I ran an 11.2 and a 10.8 on a chip I can't see not gaining anything from upgrading to the Pro EFI. Even if it doesn't it's still a very nice improvement to the car and does put the car in the 21st century technology wise instead of these chips.
Thank you Jas. Are there any other GN's running this system or is Turbo Cliff the only one? Will this really be the 2nd Turbo Buick with one? If it is that's pretty cool. :)
Their are alot of cars going faster with only chips.:cool:I understand the adjustability but cannot justify the money

I go 10.7's on one of Eric's TurboTweak chips, 60lb injectors, 110 octane and 22 lbs of boost on a stock ECM every time I'm at the track.

A/C and cruise control intact. Licenced, Plated and Insured for street use.

She's a pure street car with some similar engine mods to yours and she's already gone 10.58 @ 127 on Mickey Thompson DR's.

Since she is a street car with no safety equipment, they scold me and make me go home when I go that fast. She's got a bunch more in her, let me tell you.

Please understand I'm not knocking your decision, I just hope that you're able to justify the $$$ in the end and that you didn't just throw money at it.

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Power comes from the air you're pumping and if things are already running right, and it sounds like they are, then why would ProEFI get you any more power? It isn't going to help the motor pump any more air... Turn that turbo up to 30lbs with some race gas and save your $.
Good luck with the change. YOU WILL have the freedom to make more power with the Aftermarket ECU over a chip. If I were buying tomorrow I would be purchasing the Holley. The Pro EFI seems like a decent system but for the money I think its weak in the data-log department. Either way in the end its what you are comfortable with.
Well my mechanic and I decided that the EFI would allow him to tune the car to make every inch of power possible out of the car with really precise tuning. I know it's not like upgrading my turbo for performance but it should allow the car to produce better performance with a better tune and prevent disaster at the same time. I will be one happy man running a consistent mid ten on a great tune. Plus I can finally go MAFless and have all the info at my finger tips on one screen instead of all the guages & scanmaster etc. Upgrading to the EFI can only benefit me and besides stepping up the turbo the EFI is essential to having the car dialed in perfect. The chips are great I'm not putting them down I just don't think you can really get into the grit of truly tuning her to her utmost potential unless your have a FAST, EFI etc. Just my opinion. Thank you everyone for your opinions as I value every one of them. :)
I'm going to up the boost to 26-28 lbs when she's done. Like I said we were playing it safe on the tune with low boost and a very safe tune to prevent any blown head gaskets etc. The EFI will give me a nice safe frame of mind knowing that the car is tuned on the money. No matter how good of a tuner you are can you really tune a chipped car the way you can with an EFI etc? My tuner/mechanic was a Supra guy until he turned to the dark side about 5 yrs ago :) Now I don't know if he can go back to the Toyota :)
I'd suggest working on that short time.. @ 1.67, there's at least 2 tenths to be gained as the car sits right now. A solid 2 tenth off short time should result in close to 3 tenths off the 1/4 times...
Oh yeah the 60 ft is something I am working hard on. When we put in the Stage Right it was the first time I had ever used a transbrake so I'm still getting used to it. Each time I launch her with the transbrake it got better and better. Hell when I was foot braking the best I could squeeze out was a 1.8 60 on my 10.8 run I got a 1.60 I know I can get a better launch then that. There's alot of places I could shed some time from. The wife said yes on the EFI and I sure as hell wasn't going to say no lol.
There are people in all over this board that have the standalone ECUs in their cars and are not in the 9. 10's and 11's are where most of them are. It's what they like and thats fine by me. You and your tuner may feel more comfortable pushing the car harder with the Pro Efi.
Once you sell all the parts you no longer need your price point becomes alot cheaper. Go for it but hope your tuner knows what they are doing.
I have total confidence in my tuner he's a good guy who really does know what he's doing. Since this is a new system to him and most people I know that he's going out to Arizona for a seminar from the company as he's now also a vendor for the Pro EFI so I'm saving some $$$ as I'm getting it at vendor price. :) If I can run a consistent 10.5 or maybe a 10.3 lol I"ll be a happy happy man. I really don't care about 9's I just want to constantly hit low to mid 10's that has always been my goal with this car. I've only broken into the 10's on my last run of the season so when next season comes around I want to be running a 10.5 up and down that track. I honestly am more happy with the EFI as a safety preventive measure as obviously the speed in the car is there but I'm also not going to cry in my beer when a better tune nets me some more ponies and a faster time. :) I will keep everyone up to date as to how the EFI works compared to running a chip.