Getting a TH400 quick question.


Well i work at Checker Auto Parts and this weekend they are giving us 30% off everything. So i am going to order a TH400 with the BOP bell housing and the 4" tailshaft. I am getting the manual valve body and transbrake as well.

Now my question concerns the torque converter: I can order the B&M 3400 holeshot for a TH400 is there any issues connecting that to the Turbo 6 or is there a special torque converter i need?

Which Lokar dipstick is everyone using that just bolts in?

I tried searching and couldn't find much information.

I am also getting a quicksilver ratcheting shifter. Anything else i should order besides those things that i need for the install?

The discount runs friday, saturday, and sunday so i want to have my decisions and parts figured out by then. thanks guys.