give me some ideas please!


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Apr 27, 2005
ok my hot air is time for an upgrade

i got maybe 1500.00

my goal is to run high 13s (14.7) was my last time

but i dont race it maybe once a month in the summer
perfer general better weekender performance upgrade

what have you guys done and /or suggest

1. bite the bullet and convert to 86-87

2.85 intercooler set up

3. alky injection (does this run at wot only?)

4. nice set of headers and downpipe

thanks all for your replyss
Based on your budget I would recommend IMO the following:

1. Replace the passenger side head exhaust header with an ATR or Poston. Try to get used one on this site.
2. Get a knock gauge and OTC 4000 or an scanmaster 2.1(need to upgrade the ECM to an 87).
3. Get an after market boost gauge and make the waste gate actuator adjustable.
4. Get an alky kit. This allows you to turn up the boost without race gas. I choose the Razor kit from Alky control. This is a way to lower intake temps without and intercooler and cheaper and easier to install.

Chime in everybody because there is alot of different ways other than this option. Brad
sorry i should of put my current items

stock turbo , adjustable waste, stock inj
87 ecm /coil , yes a aftermarket boost and a/f gauge
boost running about 14 lbs

thanks keep them comin"""
One option is go with bigger injectors 36-37lb or 42.5 and maybe a 8 postion chip to go them.Lets you run 93 on the lower settings
High octane fuel when you go to the track
Need the scan tool for sure so when you increase boost you can monitor what's going on
On the rebuild what was done .20" over? Head work?
Hotwired Walbro, used adjustable fuel regulator, rebuild turbo to TA-33, used orange stripe torque convetor, used 3" Maf with used MAF translator. All of this with some tires and tuning should net a 13 second timeslip.
ok well i see no ones talking about a intercooler yet but thats ok

ta-33 is one step larger right?

dont know the internal sizes just have reciepts on the last rebuild
i have scan tool and can read and record data so im not worried about

the hot wire is on my list

hows this sound :

headers, nice downpipe, new valve springs, alky , decent chip ,hot wire ,
You are on the right track but forget the downpipe. The larger downpipe is of no use for your goals. Do you know how to tune your car? The intercooler idea is way out of your price range and quite frankly looks ugly on a Hot Air. Alky is alot cheaper for similiar results. Alky allows you to turn up the boost to 20-23 ibs without race gas. Chime is guys and help him out with your thoughts. Thanks-Brad
tuning is fine for me i have all the tools and scan tools , service manuals

im a gm master tech if worked on 5 86-87's

since i know a 85 will not be a 87 but closer would be nice

thanks brad,

im going to try to read up on this alky ,
I think the D.p. and headers are great ideas as HotAirs respond very well to exhaust mods and better heads. But a nice set of headers and D.p. aren't very cheap. I replace my D.p. (when I used to have an 85 WH1) with the ATR pipe because my stock pipe's inner pipe had rusted through even though you couldn't tell with the braided s.s. covering. Any exhaust leaks like this will kill all perfromance. As for a stock rebuilt turbo, it's not going to flow much at upper boost levels. A TA-33 might be one step bigger but a friend of mine has went 11.90's with one so it can get the job done without any modifications. Anybody need a TurbMotion V-3 (nonintercooled) ported intake? If so my buddy has one he's wanting to sell or trade for parts.
Rebuilding a stock turbo into a TA33 just cost me $940 from Limit. This idea will not work on a $1500 budget. Just a thought. Brad
High 13s is attainable with the stock turbo and injectors, I would suggest a Walbro 340, hot wire kit, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, valve springs, 87 ECM conversion, and a TurboTweak chip. Alky would be good as well, no need to run race gas.
Just my 2 cents

I agree with a lot of stuff posted but, their is one thing that is proven to give more hp ( maybe not more speed ). Lose the stock engine fan and go electric. Some even go (like me) with the aluminum camaro radiator. It may look different with all that space when you remove the fan shroud. My car hasn't hit the road yet ( just around the block )but, I have most of the mods listed and then some. One thing you may try ( I have ) on the turbo is get yourself a spare adaptor and a 86 87 turbo. Get in contact with John Craig and have him weld the adaptor to the 86 87 housing. I don't know if this will put you any closer to a ta33 but, it will put you up over stock and you can run a 86 87 turbo that fits a stock housing. Remember just my 2 cents.
Do the spring cleaning first from, then 340 fuel pump hot wired, afpr, 9 inch k&n cone filter, aftermarket pass header, alky kit, tt chip and hooker cat back with test pipe. Then tune it in.
heres what i would do:
walbro 340-100$
used TA49-350$ +welding adapter 50$ + billet TB adapter 50$
injectors-36-50 300-400$
alky injection-500$
chip- turbotweak70$
home port the intake-free
that should get you easy 13s or even faster for just a tad over 1500.

if you want to go cheaper, you can buy a used set of 36 or 50# injectors for cheap, and you could just use a stock 86-87 turbo with the mods mentioned for the 49 which can be had for just over a 150 for a good one. This leaves extra for a DP and postons headers possibly/or maybe a cat back.
for a 1500 budget, i would seriously consider a liuttle port work...gasket matching, and bowl work cost me 1000 for the heads and intake...that leaves you 500 for the fuel pump (160 for racetronix kit) regulator (100), used alky kit from SMC prolly 300, and for a few dollars more, get the chip and go!!!!

You are prolly going to be about 1700 total for those mods there ^^ but, you can keep a stock header and make sure there are no cracks or room for cracks, and you can run stock turbo and injectors to 13.00 with no prob...I hear teh stick turbo is not too efficient after 17 psi, so there is no point to go nuts with that, but for an easy 13 sec slip, i think port work is the way to go...a little fuel, timing, boost, and you can home port your exhaust elbow as I did...with the fuel up-grades and chip, 13 is easy, and you can set those 12's in sights with a few more up-grades as soon as your budget opens up again!

My bro started out witha 14 sec car, and we are installing a ported intake, matched heads, ported elbow (by me), billet adj regulator by kirban, walbro kit from racetronix, chip from Jim Testa, (87 computer and all that are already in)....ummm...atr exhaust came with the car, alky on the way, and we are supposedly still under 2000...cost of the car a year ago was, for 4500 a easy 13 sec car is in the garage, and 12's are just another 500 or so away!

good luck!