Glyptal engine coating


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Jan 2, 2007
Anyone used Glyptal engine coating on the heads or engine block? I use it in another hobby and it has worked great. I have had no issues with it coming loose from the engine surfaces.

Used to use it to paint the lifter valley and the lower end. It was supposed to seal the suface and promote drain back. Keep it off the machined surfaces
Yep.... check the photos. It promotes speedy oil drainback, looks slick too. As was mentioned, keep it off of machined surfaces.


Chemical Co.'s carry it, also high end Paint Co.'s
Google should bring something up.
It's not cheap tho.' @$40 a qt.:eek: Surface needs to be super clean before applying.
It was developed for the inside of electric motors/generators etc.. by G.E.
We use to use it and did not notice any diff:rolleyes:,just another exp,you can do without:smile:Clean lifter gallery with sanding disks before hot tank and machineing.We have seen the glyptol come off and get into the scree.In the old days with thick oils it was the in thing.

Does it still come in only red? I thought at one time in came in a pea green color. I can't put red on any engine or I would run it. (superstitious. had bad luck with red engine parts) I stick to the sanding discs like mentioned above, but see Glyptal used a lot. Better than "cast coat" paint some cheepie shops use that comes off the first heat/oil cycle...