GM LoneStar Bash 2010


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And if your wondering TR's would fit under GM Fullsize.

LoneStarBash 2010
OK guys, the date and location are finally available. So start asking off work now.

Location : Lonestar dragway in Sealy Texas
Lonestar Motorsports Park in Sealy Texas - 1/4 Mile Drag Racing

Date: Saturday , May 1st 2010

Time: 12noon-11pm

Price: $10 per person at the gate( this means everyone, driver and passenger)
$10 per tech card( this means if you wanna race it will be $10 on top of the 10 you paid to get in)
Show entry = $20 prepay / $30 march 31st - day of show
Axle insurance = $20 (delta only)

Gates will open at 12pm, at this time cars will be allowed to park and if you enter show you be put in your class.
please begin final cleaning and display set up of your car.
Judging will end at 4:30pm
5pm 1/4 mile track will open. Track will be open to race from 5 - 11pm
Please keep in mind we will be sharing the track with locals this day so be aware of spectators.

I am implementing something new this year called "axle insurance". the only thing worse than someone not coming
to this event out of fear of breaking parts is for someone to make the long trip and actually break down and have no way
home. Last year more than one person broke an axle on the track and were hard pressed to get it repaired in order to make
their long journey home. This year Centex will have on hand stock replacment axles for manual Delta body cars.
If you pay the $20 axle insurance fee upon arrival, and you break an axle at any time during the day ON the track Centex will not only give you a replacement but we will install it for you ON SITE. Thats right, no extra charge, no looking for a repair shop, no towing your car home, and best of all....not holding back when racing. only 1 stipulation to this...
we will only replace ONE axle per car, meaning; if you break an axle and we replace it and you still choose to go back out
and race only to break one again we will not replace it a second time. The insurance program is designed to provide
racers what they need to get home safely and inexpensively. Our main concern is that you come out, have fun, and make it home safe.

Racing : I will be giving out 3 awards for racing this year
GM compact fastest car
GM compact fastest N/A car
GM Full (this includes gm midsize to fullsize cars that came with v6 or v8 , boosted or NA)
*Cost to be entered in the race competition is $5, this fee will be waived if you already paid for your car to be in the show.
If you are not entered in the competition you are still able to race but will not be eligible for award. All race fees must
be paid BEFORE track opens at 5pm

Show : As mentioned before PreRegistration for show entry is $20, after march 31st show entry will be $30,
race competition fee will be included with registration at any time. In order to PreRegister for the show please
send all info to : Scott Trent
107 Orgain St.
Hutto TX, 78634 check and MO accepted
For paypal payments please send to :

Dont forget to include your FULL name, what car you have, which class you would LIKE to be in, and a list of what you
are paying for. Also unlike last year i do NOT need your gate entry sent to me before hand. I only need any fees associated with the show portion. All driver,passenger,and tech card fees will need to be paid AT the track the day of show. No exceptions.

Show classes are as follows : Delta street 1st,2nd,3rd
mild 1st,2nd,3rd
wild 1st,2nd,3rd

J-body street 1st,2nd,3rd
mild 1st,2nd,3rd
wild 1st,2nd,3rd

Fiero 1st,2nd,3rd

Kappa 1st,2nd,3rd

GM compact Best of Show

GM full size

Hottest Media install

Best light install (taken place after dark)

Chicks pick award

*Classes subject to change due to number of pre-registrations

And dont forget for those traveling from afar , alot of us stay the night at a local hotel after the show so once
again there will be a host hotel this year. This is yet to be posted as i have not worked out a group deal for us yet.
More info on the hotel will be posted as things are worked out.
Hotel info

OK guys, just got back from Sealy TX today. Worked some things out with Hennessey motorsports as well as finalized our host hotel.

First of all this years host hotel will be Best Western in Sealy, about 10 minutes from the event.
Price : 69.99 for 2 adults - 79.99 for 4 adults
please mention that you are with LoneStarBash in order to get this rate, if you have any problem at all ask to speak to a manager or let me know ASAP so that the issue can be resolved, we all know how hotels can be at times.
Reservation info can be found here
Sealy, TX Hotel| Best Western Inn of Sealy| Sealy, Texas

Please keep in mind that it does not cost anything to RESERVE your room, so you need to get your rooms as soon as you can. If you wait too long they may be booked and you might end up staying alone at another place.
This place was chosen for several reasons,besides price, Best western had the most "lowered car friendly" parking in the area. Privacy fence all around most of property so that our cars are not an "advertisement" at night , enough parking to support all our cars, and exterior room doors so that you can get to your vehicles quicker and easier.
They also have a nice lounge inside with a bar and pool tables so we have more room to hang out in,and of course WiFi internet in all rooms.

Now on to more bash news.
Hennessey Motorsports will most likely be doing shop tours for show entries in the afternoon. So if youd like to take a tour inside and see what special projects they have going on you may get your chance.

More good news !
This concerns LSB 2011 , which will be our 5th year anniversary
Hennessey has just purchased a large lot of land right beside the 1/4 mile track and are currently building their own private ROAD COURSE ! What this means is that if this years event is successful enough we can hold it in Sealy again next year and be able to use the 1/4 mile AND road course !
So we all need to come out and show them just how dedicated we are!
See you in Sealy !!!!