GN and/or TTA?


Aug 8, 2003
I have been having thoughts of trading my GN for a TTA. Anyone had or have both? I love the GN but the TTA seems a little more sporty I guess. I see pros and cons to both but my demon is that I always want something different than I have. I have a GN so now I am convinced that I should have a TTA. Any thoughts?
I've not owned my TTA very long, but I like them both for different reasons. Pulling the T-tops and blasting down the road makes me feel like a kid again. The car brakes and handles well (for a car of that vintage). I sold my GN a couple of months ago, but I'll be buried in my '86:D. Maybe it's just me, but my WH1 will probably always be my favorite, primarily because of the shock value. People expect the TTA to be pretty fast but you know the words "holy sh!t" come out when you blast by in the Buick! The Buick rides alot nicer without the squeaks/rattles and the three Jimmy Hoffa trunk is handy too. The term "handles and brakes" are two terms probably not used too often for the Buick though. Buy a TTA, the prices will probably never get any better (I'm kinda thinkin of a low-miler to put away myself), and there's always some for sale. Plus most of the knowledge you have will apply to both. Good Luck!
Get two jobs so you can have both :D ;)

I could never get rid of my GN , I too have felt like.... man I have owned and been involved with these cars sents 1986 and I want a new race car :eek: ...but all I do is get in my GN ride around and I remember why I fell in love with the car in the first place. Iam a General Contractor by trade So I started charging more money to do estimates on new jobs to fund my newest race car and keep my GN :)
Good luck in your decision.

Jesse :cool:
I'm looking for one myself but I could NEVER get rid of my GN for one. Every time I would see a mean looking GN I would kick myself in the a** for getting rid of it as it was always my dream car.
Save and try and find a way to own both if possible.
BlownZ ... I myself am a ford guy but have always a had spot in my heart for a gn, I guess it goes back to the day when I was 17-18 and the salesman showed the back room that had 6 gn's and a gnx. wow. Keep the gn, people know what they are and they get their respect, most people dont know what the tta is. Listen to turbo t/a 1543, he's a friend and right, or get both.
i have owned 14 or more turbo regals and owned 2 TTA's... #s 340 and 14..
right now i only own a few turbo regals, and am currently looking for another f-body because they are so much more than a regal with a hot motor in them-

the TTAs have better brakes, handling, limited production, ect ect,...
yet the regals feel more roomy and plush...
we could talk all day about the differences between the 2!!!

i think Jesse had it right when he said, "Get two jobs so you can have both" , you would kick yourself in the butt if you sold your car and didnt like the TTA...

or buy a GTA and convert it over to a TTA motor/trans, and have a little less into it than buying a TTA-

right now im currently looking for a HARDTOP GTA 88-92 so i can do the conversion... just another project to start

I have both and each car is different in its own way.... alot nicer to have both at the same time :) :D ;) :cool:

My Guess is a TTA is limited for space & if your a big dude you may feel cramped.
Also I will go out on a limb here & say the TTA is a little more stiff ride.

I am glad I did not buy the TTA I saw.
I must be getting old because I like that plush grandpa ride :)
they are in 2 different worlds !!!! I have also had 2 TTA's (wife bought one new in 89 ) TTA is a sleeper .... No one knows what it is !!! Buicks ????? I have a fleet :p Nice in there own way !!!!
I tossed around the same thoughts when I was looking to buy my GN last spring. My friend has one of each and he says the TTA is BAD so I was considering it, but I HAD to have my GN first. I will buy a TTA eventually but I could NEVER sell my GN to get the TTA.