GN Engine Wiring Channel NOS


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I have six of these, NOS wiring channel - very rare. This is the part that wraps around the drivers side valve cover, behind the engine and bolts on under the coil pack. Long gone from GM, this would be used to restore your engine harness and underhood appearance. The lower part under the channel (filler) is not available, so you must re-use the original one. Also the little plastic rivets that hold the two pieces together are not available as far as I know, but I have seen them at Autozone. Small black cable ties work well.

$55 shipped, paypal only.
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Sucks I was the 1st one to reply and didn't get one...ive been searching for a couple of months
Dang it! I have been searching for one of those for the last three months!!! Let me know if you have more in the future.

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