GN Spotted in Wellington today...


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Seen in front of Linburgers in the Publix shopping center @ 441/Southern. My brother saw it first and I thought he was BS'ing me when he said there was a GN in the parking lot. Sure enough there was. Was sitting on big and little drag lites and had a custom plate...1000 NAT.

If you are on here I just wanted to let you know seeing it really made me miss my T-type!!
Hope you know that on Friday nights, there is a great car cruise in at that same place. Sometimes we manage to get a bunch of Turbo Buicks there but usually only a couple are there.

Funny, I live just south of there and had to drive up to Palm Beach Gardens yesterday and almost took the GN. It also has large and small Drag Lites but tag is WUTSA V8.

Yeah I actually just live right down the street from there but haven't been in a while, every time I'd go it was the same cars, and only one GN. Really leaning towards heading out there this Friday w/ my Supra (No I didn't sell the T to get the import, have had it since I was a JR in highschool.) granted I can get a few things fixed between now and then.

I'll be sure to say hi if I see some TB guys out.
Cruise night

Hey Terry,

If the weather is decent I am going to the Cruise this Friday 8-24-07. Its been a while since I have gone and Im "itchin" to take out the GN.

Put the word out and maybe we can get a good showing:D